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hi guys i am here to share with u all the very good news and the latest info about my driver for media creation v2.0. This driver will work you make any song and video and also audio from memory card. enjoy USBDiskStorageFormatToolPro is a new and automatic disk format tool. With this tool, you can format your USB flash drive and format your External Hard Disk. With this tool, you can also format your Memory card like SD card, USB Mass Storage device and many others. The tool will do all job for you in a simple way. The tool works very easily and properly. In this trial version, the user can use the tool for 3 days. If the user would like to continue using it, he/she need to buy the full version. No credit card is required for the full version. You can give a try and enjoy the tool with no fees.Q: How to create a folder which name is a variable in VBScript? I want to create a folder in network drive, there should be a script which creates the folder and run it. The problem is the name of the folder is a random value, like this: -XMI1FD7OX3F2G. My code for script is like this : If vbCrLf = „“ Then vbCrLf = Chr(13) & vbCrLf On Error Resume Next Set objFSO = CreateObject(„Scripting.FileSystemObject“) Set objTextFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(Dts.Variables(„$PATH_to_source\OS\XML\XML.xml“).Value,1) objTextFile.Write „CommandLine=New-WebFolder -Name ‚“ & Dts.Variables(„$PathToTargetFolder“).Value & „-XMI1FD7OX3F2G“ & vbCrLf & „-“ & Dts.Variables(„$GenerateName“).Value & “ -ParentFolderId 0 -IsContainer“ & vbCrLf objTextFile.WriteLine() objTextFile.Close() The script make a new folder in network drive like this : Question is, how can I get the new folder name? A: There’s no way to construct variable names in a language that doesn’t allow arbitrary values, so this is pretty 0cc13bf012

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