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SplitPDF is a small, simple, command-line driven Java application designed to help you split a PDF file by bookmarks into separated PDFs. The bookmark is used as title for the newly created PDF. Extremely usefull and fast in a batch processing environment.







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SplitPDF runs in command line so it can be used as a simple program for batch processing. It uses the standard PDF API to handle some meta data. This allows it to modify PDFs so you don’t have to rely on a external „split“ application. It is designed for technical people, and should be very easy to understand and use. Features: * Split PDF by bookmarks * Command line * Windows version * Use System properties or command line parameters * Support for different encodings * Command line parameters for different actions on each file SplitPDF Windows UI: Choose between using a wizard style or a plain mode of action: – If you use a wizard you will get a nice dialog in which you can choose your parameters: * No: Use only System properties to split the PDF * External: Use a command line tool to split the PDF * Full: Use the standard PDF java API to perform the split * Creator: Use the XML Creator to create the bookmarks * Notes: Add notes to each bookmarks file * Metadata: Add the required meta data to the files * PDF version: split the PDF into 2 or more PDF version * Encoding: set the document encoding * Title: Set a title to each of the PDF files * XML Writer: Use the XML writer to generate a command to do the split * Save path: Save the file on disk * Full path: Full path to the resulting PDF files Changelog: v1.1.4 Release date: Sep 05, 2009 * Fixed an issue with double bookmarks * Fixed an issue with a catalog opening * Change main.jar package name v1.1.3 Release date: Jul 12, 2009 * Fixed a bug with PDF version 2 v1.1.2 Release date: Apr 29, 2009 * Automatically delete documents added by SplitPDF * Automatically open Splitted PDF by default * Minor bug fixes v1.1.1 Release date: Jan 24, 2009 * Minor bug fixes v1.1 Release date: Jan 13, 2009 * Added a new command line parameter: XML Writer * Minor bug fixes * Minor UI improvements * Optimized code for performance and memory issues v0.9.1 Release date: Sep 11, 2007 * Minor bug fixes v0.9 Release date

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The tool reads a PDF document and splits it into multiple ones based on bookmarks. The idea of this application is to be part of a suite that converts multiple document to a single PDF. Hence, the input format is not constrained. This application is intended to split the PDF, simply for this reason. Snowsplitter is a PDF Split and Merge tool which splits document into multiple documents, concatenates and/or merges those. You can specify where to put a PDF inclusions, whether to remove pages, you can insert new pages or change the original pages. PDF Editor is a free, easy to use add-on for Adobe Acrobat. It’s our best solution to let you edit PDF documents in any way you like. Do you want to crop or rotate a page, change the font, add a header or footer? Take a look into the man pages to know all the options (the ones that you are not sure of). A programming language for PDF, one that supports all Adobe Acrobat features is LiveCode. This is a free PDF tool to combine several PDF documents into one PDF file with batch mode. You can control the copying and pasting of the content of the files to the final file, automatic cleaning for the paths. This is a simple tool to combine several PDF files into one PDF with a batch mode and with the manual control of cleaning the paths. Introducing iCrop (Image Crop) for Mac, one of the first apps on the market that lets you crop images for a whole group. You can draw a box around up to 50 images and decide what to cut, keep, or even change it into a new picture. iCrop for Mac is a shareware utility that lets you crop images for a whole group. Create a selection box around up to 50 images and decide what to cut, keep, or change it into a new picture. PDF Split has been developed for splitting a single PDF document into several with retaining the original font, bookmarks, links, images, and text. It was created with performance in mind and is a very efficient way of splitting large files. Split PDF is a small, simple, command-line driven Java application designed to help you split a PDF file by bookmarks into separated PDFs. The bookmark is used as title for the newly created PDF. Extremely usefull and fast in a batch processing environment. Pigz (PDF P 2f7fe94e24

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SplitPDF Features: * Quick and easy to use * It is very stable, it has a long usage history * You can add PDF attachments (such as scanned pictures) * You can choose which PDF output format you want (jPDF, Arial, Times New Roman or Courier New) * Support for any Unicode encoding (PDF 1.4, Unicode and UTF-8) * Support for the template feature (optical corrections, typesetting) * Support for the jTable (extract page numbers) * Single-step preview support * Commonly supported PDF fileformats: If you need any help, or want to share your experience with this software, please contact me. jPDF (Java PDF Library) is the open source (LGPL) library for reading and writing PDF files. It is written in Java and supports PDF 1.4 and 1.5. You do not need to install any additional software to use jPDF. jPDF is completely Unicode based, and it can be used in any operating system, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. A version for embedded systems is also available. jPDF is the most advanced Java PDF library. It supports multiple algorithms for creating and modifying a PDF file and can be used to create PDFs of any size and complexity. jPDF is fast and very reliable. It is a mature and popular Java library and many people rely on it to create, modify, and validate PDF files. jPDF consists of the following components: * src/org/pspdfkit/pdf/PDFOutputStream.java – An interface for receiving data from an input stream and writing data into an output stream. * src/org/pspdfkit/pdf/PDFOutputStreamFactory.java – Factory class to create PDFOutputStream instances. * src/org/pspdfkit/pdf/PDFOutputStream.java – Implementation of the interface PDFOutputStream. * src/org/pspdfkit/pdf/PDF.java – Abstract PDF reader and writer. * src/org/pspdfkit/pdf/PDFFile.java – Class for reading and writing PDF files. * src/org/pspdfkit/pdf/

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SplitPDF is a small, simple, command-line driven Java application designed to help you split a PDF file by bookmarks into separated PDFs. The bookmark is used as title for the newly created PDF. Extremely usefull and fast in a batch processing environment. Features: – Support batch processing: Split a list of PDFs into multiple new PDFs. – Converts: Change the format of the PDF from one to another. – Signatures: Automatically detects the type of signature, replaces it with a different one, and adds a watermark. – You can specify where to place the generated PDF into the directory that you specify. – You can write to the original PDF using a separate window. – It doesn’t write a new empty PDF on every run. Supported input files: -.pdf -..pdf – 1.pdf – 2.pdf – 00.pdf – 001.pdf – 100.pdf – 1000.pdf – etc… Supported output files: -.pdf -..pdf – 1.pdf – 2.pdf – 00.pdf – 001.pdf – 100.pdf – 1000.pdf – etc… You can also use the output file as input file for a new run. Supported output formats: – PDF/A-1b (Standard): – PDF/A-3 (Flattening): – PDF/A-4 (Standard): – PDF/A-5 (Standard): – PDF/A-6 (Standard): – PDF/A-7 (Standard): – PDF/X-3 (Standard): – PDF/X-4 (Standard): – PDF/X-5 (Standard): – PDF/X-6 (Standard): – PDF/X-7 (Standard): – PDF/A-3:1 (Standard): – PDF/A-3:2 (Standard): – PDF/A-4:1 (Standard): – PDF/A-4:2 (Standard): – PDF/A-4:3 (Standard): – PDF/A-4:4 (Standard): – PDF/A-4:5 (Standard): – PDF/A-4:6 (Standard): – PDF/A-4:7 (Standard): – PDF/A-5:1 (


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OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or later Processor: 1.3 GHz Memory: 512 MB RAM recommended Hard Drive: 1 GB available space Ionic 2 is available as a command line application, and as a node.js library. We will first focus on using it as a command line application, then as a node.js library. Please see the Getting Started Guide for detailed instructions. From a command line: First, Install the Ionic 2 CLI. You can do this by visiting the Ionic website,