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Are you using or thinking of Using Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) to allow users to upload and download files from a web-based environment? Excellent! SharePoint has a lot to offer you. Background SharePoint provides a great web-based user interface that allows a user to easily upload or download files, as long as the user is working with one file at a time. It would be really nice if users could download an entire set of files in one shot, or upload a set of files. The Problem There are approaches out there, but most require installing a client-side application like SharePoint Designer 2007 or using the SharePoint file upload ActiveX control, which does not allow uploading files from multiple folders at once. While these approaches may be OK for intranet portals is not ideal for extranet or Internet SharePoint deployments. A Simple Solution Use Zip files. Zip files allow users to package multiple files and folders into a single file and then unpack the contents later. Most desktop and laptop computers are able to work with Zip files. SharePoint Zip allows users to upload a single Zip file into a SharePoint document library, and tell SharePoint to unzip the contents of the file after the upload has completed. This not only makes the upload simple, only one file is sent to SharePoint, but also the contents of the Zip file are compressed, saving valuable upload time and bandwidth. Downloading is just as easy. Users select a file, folder, or entire document library, and SharePoint sends the contents as a single Zip file. This saves considerable time and bandwidth during the download, and it lets users download many files and folders with a single click. SharePoint Zip was designed to let you transfer many files between SharePoint and your desktop as a single package.







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SharePoint Zip is a SharePoint extension that allows users to transfer many files from a SharePoint library to their local computer, or vice versa, by uploading a single Zip file. This SharePoint extension replaces the file attachment functionality that comes with SharePoint and allows you to send your files in their most efficient state by compressing and decompressing them. Users with SharePoint Explorer will find it intuitive to download and upload using SharePoint Zip. SharePoint Zip is easy to use. There is just one button – to start uploading a Zip file. Uploads start as soon as you click the button. Once your files have been uploaded you can download the Zip file and open it with your favorite Zip application. Install SharePoint Zip SharePoint Zip is installed automatically when you first install SharePoint. You will only see a small icon in the tool bar for a SharePoint library that has Zip support enabled. If you use a second SharePoint library, you will be asked to enter a unique name for the new library. Important SharePoint Zip is not available for SharePoint 2010. If you want to use a Zip for SharePoint 2010 you will need to do that yourself using the ZIP Tool. Using a Zip for SharePoint SharePoint Zip allows you to upload files and folders as a single Zip file. Steps to get started: Sign In to SharePoint Select a SharePoint library that has SharePoint Zip enabled Click the small SharePoint Zip icon that appears in the toolbar Click Open Select the files and folders that you want to upload Click the upload button Set the desired description, descriptions, recipient, and/or file names Click Start Upload Change the file(s)/folder(s) you want to download Click the Download button and your files will be downloaded Small Business Data Store (SBDS) is being developed as a product that any size firm can use to manage their information and facilitate decision making. This frees up IT people to focus on other tasks. This solution is for small business and individuals. You can create projects which you can share with others. Mapping A pictorial map of a journey or path. A map can be considered as an interesting way of communicating relationships between two or more geographic locations, such as roads, rivers, or other features. Travel Maps are a great tool for passing through your journey and understanding how to reach your destination. Business Wise Maps A pictorial map of a journey or path

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SharePoint Zip allows you to compress and unzip multiple files or folders into a single Zip file. On upload, SharePoint allows you to upload a single Zip file to a document library. After a Zip file is uploaded, the contents are extracted on-demand, to a directory on your desktop. On-demand extraction is triggered when a user clicks a link in the library to view the file. Supported file types are Documents, Images, Audio, Video and other attachments. Since each file in the Zip can be compressed independently of the other files, we recommend that you specify the encoding type for each file. SharePoint Zip adds new functionality to the standard document upload feature of SharePoint. This extends the document upload process to allow for multiple file uploads in a single Zip document. These features are useful for transferring many documents and image files in a single Zip document. One issue is that SharePoint does not yet support Zip files larger than 1GB. Fortunately, you can fix this problem on your own. Links: SharePoint Zip home SharePoint Zip Team SharePoint Zip User Interface Zip documentation An Example Here is an example of uploading and downloading a Zip file: Upload: Uploading a Zip document to a document library Log on to the SharePoint site you wish to deploy to. Open the site’s web browser and navigate to the site’s Web application. Click the name of the library to which you want to add the Zip documents. Click the name of the library, then click on the Document Library icon in the upper-right corner, as shown below: Add the Zip document: Click the Browse button, as shown below, to upload a Zip file to the site: Select a file from your desktop for upload, then click OK: Notice that the file’s upload status changes to Active, as shown below: The file has been uploaded, as you can see below in the Site Settings: Click the down-arrow next to the checkbox in the URL field of the document, as shown below, to display the URL of the file: Use a link to view the document: Click the Link button below the title of the document, as shown below: View the document in the SharePoint browser: A user who clicks this link is presented with the first file in the Zip document, then zipped and all files in the same directory as the link, as shown below: Download: Viewing a document in a b7e8fdf5c8

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SharePoint Zip Server allows users to upload a single Zip file into a SharePoint document library for sharing and downloading. A zip file consists of one or more entry files. An entry file contains one or more files that you want to distribute to others, and can optionally contain an additional reference file (metadata). The reference file contains properties that describe the entry file, including its location, type, and any file version numbers. To ensure that you can download a file at any time, a zip file must be sent with at least one entry file and a reference file. Here is how a Zip file works: Select a Zip file and file to be downloaded: Click OK. Click Add. Select a Zip file to include in this folder. Click OK. If the Zip file already exists on the server, the entry files will be extracted from it and saved in the same folder. Otherwise, a new Zip file will be created and saved in the folder you selected. If a Zip file has no entry files, the entry files will be created in the same folder as the Zip file. The Zip file will not be created. Here is how the ZIP file is downloaded in SharePoint: Select a SharePoint item to download. Click the button beside the entry file and select Export. The entry file and related metadata will be extracted into the folder on the user’s computer that you selected. Using a Zip file to distribute files with SharePoint works great for sharing, however there are many limitations. Current Limitations of SharePoint Zip: 1. SharePoint Zip can upload one folder per Zip file. Users can’t upload multiple folders into the Zip file. 2. Users can’t download an entire folder from SharePoint to their desktop as a Zip file. They are limited to downloading a single file, and then extracting it to a single folder. 3. There is no support for file versions (right-click > properties). This is problematic if you distribute source code that requires people to check out a specific version of a file, because they can’t download the source code if the version number does not match up. 4. SharePoint Zip cannot download files that have been modified in SharePoint. If a file is modified in SharePoint, SharePoint Zip will not have a version number and the user will have to download the file again in order to check it out. 5. SharePoint Zip does not support drag and drop in SharePoint. Current Limitations of the

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SharePoint Zip is an online file transfer mechanism within SharePoint. SharePoint Zip allows you to transfer multiple files or folders at one time by using a Zip file. SharePoint Zip allows you to send large files or folders from your computer to SharePoint, saving the time and bandwidth required to upload large files or folders. Step-by-Step: How to Use SharePoint Zip Create a Zip file SharePoint Zip is easy to use. Create a Zip file by dragging and dropping files into a Zip file. Follow the prompts that appear to create a new file or open an existing file. Upload your Zip file into SharePoint SharePoint Zip is a self-contained solution, you do not need to install anything on your computer in order to use it. Upload the Zip file into a SharePoint document library and watch the magic happen. Zip files are compressed files, sharing a common format with Zip files on a client-side. The files are then parsed, and any files that are not contained in the Zip file are removed from the site. Zip files can contain any type of file from text, to images, to movies, and even databases. Download your Zip file SharePoint Zip allows you to download multiple files or folders from SharePoint and into the Zip file. After uploading to a library, right-click on a file or folder and click, „SharePoint Zip Downloader“. This will cause the files to be extracted from the document library and placed into your Zip file. Once a file has been downloaded into a Zip file, the files are not compressed. The files can be extracted into any folder on your computer. You can also download individual files from SharePoint. Click on a file or folder in the document library and click „SharePoint Zip Downloader“. This will cause the file to be extracted from the SharePoint document library. Select the folder or file you would like to download, then click the „Download“ button to start the download. Once the files have been downloaded into a Zip file, right-click on the Zip file, click „Extract All“, and it will decompress and unpack all the files contained within the Zip file. Users can browse through the files inside the Zip file with ease. Remember that the files are not compressed, so you need to extract the files before they can be seen on your desktop. The Zip file can contain any type of file, including text, images, or movies. Dangers with Share

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