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As a global company with more than 600 employees, SEGA has been active in the arcade games market as a game developer since the 1980s. In addition to the development of arcade games that helped garner a reputation for quality, the company also provided consulting services to the mobile game sector, and has since expanded its participation in the game industry.In 2013, SEGA developed the Action RPG Monster Hunter Frontier Online based on the protagonist created for the Sega arcade game, Jinsei. In addition to being a developed IP, many of the game’s playable characters are based on SEGA’s in-house characters such as Altair, the character who has served as the company’s logo since 1994.Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a common and severe complication of critically ill patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). AKI is an important contributor to morbidity and mortality in these patients and may be an important risk factor for subsequent organ failure. The most common risk factors for AKI in the ICU include the presence of sepsis and the use of a large number of medications. Although conventional therapies are effective to treat sepsis-related AKI, they do not routinely decrease the incidence of AKI in the ICU. Evidence from the past decade suggests that oxidative stress may be a common pathogenic factor in sepsis-related AKI. In addition, endothelial dysfunction has been shown to be important in the development of AKI. Therefore, strategies aimed at decreasing oxidative stress and improving endothelial function may be beneficial in the treatment of AKI. N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a well-established antioxidant, is commonly used to treat acetaminophen overdose but is understudied in AKI. We hypothesize that NAC, when given prophylactically, will be renoprotective, reducing the incidence of AKI in patients at risk for AKI. Furthermore, NAC may be renoprotective by improving endothelial function and decreasing oxidative stress. We propose that prophylactic NAC in the setting of AKI may be renoprotective due to its antioxidant and endothelial functions. This proposal aims to define the efficacy and safety of prophylactic oral NAC in the treatment of AKI in a phase II randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial. The primary outcome is the incidence of AKI in at-risk patients. The secondary outcomes are the percent change from baseline values of creatinine clearance (CrCCl),


Features Key:

  • Fantastic Storyline Traverse different lands with the story. A world where greed, corruption, and double-dealing have turned the righteous brotherhood of the Elden Ring to a dark evil organization.
    • Engaging Characters Embrace conflicting feelings of destruction and rebirth as you play through the story as an Alisha, a Tarnished Elden Lord, or as a Styx, an enemy enemy of the Ring.
    • Possessive Competition Earn rewards as you climb the ranks of the festival of Elden Lords. Try hard and get your name engraved as the best one, or watch the others battle, claiming their own place in the lordly festivals.
    • Warming Storytelling The game directly connects with artists, who provide direct feedback and refine the content. They endeavor to capture unique elements of the Elden Ring’s world through the festival, from treasure hunting to collective prayer, to enrich the immersion of the characters.
    • Devious Decisions In the midst of fighting with enemies in battles of status and honor, players are able to get rewards for various actions. Through defeating your opponents and demeaning them, or in demeaning them, opportunities arise to continually enrich the story as you play.
    • Faithful Creation Experience the world with the eyes of a young girl from the original fantasy story, developing your world with the power of creation.

    ※Features incomplete

    Key Features of the Augmented Performance System and Novation C.mposer II™

    • Support for controlling up to seven analog controllers simultaneously
    • Support for the Novation C.mposer II™ controller*5 and compatibility with the Novation Controller software
    ※PC Windows/Mac

    Product availability

  • March 23th, 2018 – Solar Empire® Augmented Performance System (APS™) Mac OS Version available to download


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