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Name Elden Ring
Publisher sumphyl
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Rating 4.36 / 5 ( 6535 votes )
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The setting of the game is the Lands Between, a place where the divide between this world and the next world is thin. In the Lands Between, the dead live in their graves, and the souls of those who have passed on dwell in the graves of their descendants. These souls eventually dissipate, but the souls of the average man do not dissipate, and they form a great ocean called “the Sea.” The question of who will exist next is unknown, and in order to know who will be next, a great power forged the Books of Elden and the Cagliostro. If you have the strength to wield the power of the Books of Elden, you will be able to control the souls of the dead, and prepare to take their names. If you do this, your descendants will live in peace with the living… or so you think. The Souls of the Dead There are three main types of souls: the Souls of the Dead, the Souls of the Spirits, and the Souls of the Nobles. The Souls of the Dead are wandering the physical world without realizing it. While they are walking in this world, they are awakened by the Cagliostro, and begin to consume the physical world. They are the main enemy in the game. The Souls of the Spirits are born when the souls of the dead combine with the physical world. They acquire strength, and when they enter this world, they become living spirits. They are neutral, and cooperate with the Nobles. The Souls of the Nobles are born of the Nobles of the world. The Nobles are born from the Spirits of the dead, who succeeded in awakening. The Nobles have a natural affinity with the Souls of the dead, and cooperate with the Spirits. The Nobles of the World The Nobles are four kinds of people in the world: the ancient, the spirits, the now, and the future. An ancient noble is one who was once a noble, but lost her life. If there is a Noble whom a noble should marry, the noble will transform into a noble who still exists. A noble who is thinking of a Noble will be reborn as a now noble. A noble who is thinking of a noble will be reborn as a future noble. The now noble is a noble who became a noble through experience. If a now noble possesses the knowledge from the Books of Elden, she will be reborn as a future


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character World  Jump into a vast world full of excitement in the Lands Between. There are not only an expansive world and great maps, but also constant changes and events to follow. You can search for the sites you want to explore while exchanging items. After you have gained experience through each quest, your character will grow even stronger. You can also pick up materials and quest items depending on the situation.