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If you’re looking to save hours on the Internet, you will love KetchupTube. KetchupTube is a multi-format player for YouTube and Vimeo videos. What is New in this Release: – Live clipboard monitoring. – Watch now video button for no watch now video button. – Settings added for connected WiFi and online storage. – Finished search form. – Performance improvements. – Uninstaller. 4th Dec, 2018 3.1 4th Dec, 2018 – Added a sound icon in the search form. – Performance improvement in result list. – Other minor improvements. 4th Dec, 2018 3.1 4th Dec, 2018 – Fixed the bug with search ID’s from some websites. – A bug fix for some video websites. – Improved performance. – Some minor improvements. 4th Dec, 2018 3.0.2 28th Nov, 2018 – Fixing some crashes. – Added a search ID override for some video websites. 28th Nov, 2018 3.0.1 28th Nov, 2018 – Added split button for downloading on the download form. – A bug fix for some video websites. 28th Nov, 2018 3.0 28th Nov, 2018 – YouTube videos will not appear on the list after you enter some video websites. – You can now filter the video list by the download type. – Capturing through the selected website is now only available through the download form. 22nd Oct, 2018 3.0.1 27th Sep, 2018 – You can now play all YouTube videos on the clipboard with your single capture. – You can now apply custom download filters for YouTube downloads. – Updated the Android TV app to version 10.16.0. – Some minor fixes and improvements. 28th Jan, 2018 3.0 11th Aug, 2017 – You can now choose a download service when downloading from a YouTube video with KetchupTube. – You can now share your clipboard with KetchupTube with CopyKetchupTube. 9th Nov, 2017 2.6.6 11th Aug, 2017 Bug fixes – Fixed bug when setting the selected video language in the

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What is KetchupTube? KetchupTube is an efficient, easy to use application designed to help you grab videos from the Internet. You can use KetchupTube to download videos from FlickR, YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, and many other video sharing sites. In fact, KetchupTube is the most powerful video downloader on the market. What sets KetchupTube apart from other video downloaders? * Live clipboard monitoring: Every link you copy to the clipboard will be analyzed and automatically placed in the download queue. * Supports HD video downloads: KetchupTube supports 1080p and 720p download settings, and can determine what video quality settings you will need based on your Internet connection. * Supports multiple downloads per clip: KetchupTube lets you save multiple clips in the same download session for faster downloads. * Uses download prioritization: KetchupTube can download multiple videos in the background while you browse the Web. * Supports downloads from all formats: KetchupTube lets you download videos from all the major video formats including FLV, MP4, WebM, WebM/VP9, and WMV. * Supports oEmbed video tags: KetchupTube supports oEmbed tags, meaning that you can easily embed videos in your website or blog. * Built-in „clipboard manager“: KetchupTube’s built-in clipboard manager allows you to save the links to your clipboard for later. * Supports Save-to-Disk: KetchupTube features a built-in file browser that allows you to save the links you grab from the Internet to your hard drive. * Templates: The KetchupTube downloader lets you download videos from many popular video sharing sites using one of KetchupTube’s pre-built templates. You can choose from FlickR, YouTube, Metacafe, and Vimeo download templates. For a list of download templates, see here. * Supports Unsupported sites: KetchupTube lets you grab videos from unsupported sites including Joost, Veoh, Myspace, LiveLeak, CNET DownloadCenter, The Pirate Bay, and over 400 other sites. In addition to FlickR, YouTube, and Vimeo, you can also download videos from the following sites with KetchupTube: Metacafe MySpace.com Gawker.com Viewster SporTV Dailymotion Loaded Veoh Topart Localvideostreams b7e8fdf5c8

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———————– An easy-to-use application that can let you save all the important or potentially interesting videos you find to your computer. Use the link buttons on the top-right corner to browse YouTube, and click the link that interests you to paste the URL to the clipboard. With KetchupTube, you can – – Save videos from multiple URLs at the same time; – Use the link buttons on the top-right corner to browse YouTube, and click the link that interests you to paste the URL to the clipboard; – Compress videos before saving; – Extract frames from videos; – Track video files as they download; – Export video files to your hard disk directly; – Import video files from your hard disk; – Control the video quality and other video parameters. * Subscription fee is required to use KetchupTube after the trial period (about 14 days). * You can cancel the subscription at any time. For more information, please read our FAQ page: It is a web host in the Czech Republic. The sites are so cheap to use, they provide easy to use accounts, with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, 6 domains, a website builder, and many many more features. The hosts are secured, and can have any custom design that you want. ** To Download DetoxPlus – and essential icon pack, search in Google for „detoxplus“ „detoxplus“ and download the latest version of DetoxPlus. ** To Download DetoxPlus – and essential icon pack, search in Google for „detoxplus“ „detoxplus“ and download the latest version of DetoxPlus. ** to download DetoxPlus – and essential icon pack, search in Google for „detoxplus“ „detoxplus“ and download the latest version of DetoxPlus. ** To Download DetoxPlus – and essential icon pack, search in Google for „detoxplus“ „detoxplus“ and download the latest version of DetoxPlus. ** to download DetoxPlus – and essential icon pack, search in Google for „detoxplus“ „detoxplus“ and download the latest version of Det

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***************************************************** KetchupTube is a simple yet versatile application designed to help you grab videos from the Internet. Whether you want to convert multiple video formats, adjust the video size, speed, bitrate, quality, grab multiple links from the same web page, monitor the download progress or choose from a list of your favorite conversion formats, KetchupTube has you covered. – Get videos from the Internet; all you have to do is copy the url of the video you want and paste it into the application’s text box. KetchupTube will take care of the rest. – The program will analyze the url and find all the playable streams on the corresponding page. Using the tried and proven technology from the VideoDownloader, KetchupTube makes it easy for you to download any video you choose. – Its powerful search and conversion engine can decode any video format, save the files into almost any conversion format, rename the video, quality, bitrate, sample rate, output path and file name. – Once the conversion is complete, the program can automatically monitor the download progress as you go about your business. – KetchupTube can also choose the text you want to be displayed at the top of the download window, change the color, and display the size of the downloaded file, all within a single click of a button. You will find that KetchupTube is easy to use and very effective at what it does, especially if you’re a regular visitor of video download websites. Just drop KetchupTube into your applications folder and use it as your link grabbing utility. User Guide: Please rate and help spread the word about KetchupTube by rating it. Thank you. This application is based on the Violin Player, which is licensed under GNU GPL. The original work is licensed under GNU GPL. Visit for more applications. This application is distributed with the standard GNU General Public License, see Copyright (c) 2004-2005, Chusid Software The author may be contacted at c_quanum@hotmail.com HockHandy ClipGrabit is a free application that helps you download videos from

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1. Windows 7, 8 or 10. 2. Dual-Core CPU. 3. 1.5 GB RAM. 4. 120 MB free disk space. 5. 1024×768 resolution display. Driver Information: Version: File Name: Update.exe Size: 88.65 KB File Type: JAR Execute Method: Java -Xrunjvm Hotfix:“Software\OLEDBD