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Playing a string instrument requires not only skill but also ear training to identify the correct intonation. Intonia is designed to give a helping hand to musicians in this regard, combining a pitch recorder with an instrument tuner to help them practice and improve. Visualize pitch, amplitude, spectrum, and overall playback quality Intonia bundles a tape recorder that enables users to capture sound and then hear themselves play. The recorder features handy and accessible controls, with integrated playback. Most of its interface is taken by the graphical representation of the pitch, the amplitude and the sound spectrum, which enables its users to correctly assess their performance, calculate deviations and make the necessary corrections. Users can select the parameter to visualize from the View menu, while the deviation to the pitch is automatically calculated by the application. A pitch recorder with different temperaments for optimal results The recorder can memorize instrument playback and automatically generate the pitch, displaying its evolution on a graph that continuously scrolls as the recording goes on. Playing in tune results in a white trace on the graph. If the playback is sharp the trace is red, while in case of flat playback, a blue line is displayed. Of course, this depends on the selected scale and temperament. Intonia comes with three different temperaments one can choose from, namely Equal, Just, or Pythagorean. The Equal temperament can be used for fixed-pitch instruments, such as pianos. The Just temperament is suitable for harmonic blending between two string instruments, while the latter option is fit for tuning perfect fifths. Offers feedback to string-playing musicians Intonia's goal is to help musicians acknowledge their mistakes and improve their playback. It allows them to see the notes that are out of tune and get instant feedback on their performance. For the user's convenience, a collection of presets for specific instruments is available, which comprises configurations for different instruments, from violin to cellos.







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Description Play back a string instrument without the need of a tape recorder. Intonia Cracked Accounts makes it easy to change the temperament from Equal to Just or Pythagorean for different instruments. It can be used to easily assess your performance and quickly correct or learn bad habits. Feedback is easily visible in the graphical representation. The recorder is played by tapping or touching the screen. No device synchronization or connection is required. Cracked Intonia With Keygen is available for iOS and Android. You can download Intonia For Windows 10 Crack from here. About MusicNow MusicNow is a music recommender system for iOS, Android and BlackBerry that uses Apple’s MPMediaStore to determine what to recommend to the user. The recommendations are generated from the user’s personal music library and the Apple Music Store. Users can also set a specific song to be played when connecting to a Bluetooth speaker such as the Icon, Bose SoundLink, and Booda. MusicNow also features an equalizer that lets you fine-tune the audio of your device. You can download MusicNow from here. About MusicNow Community MusicNow’s community is a great place to meet other music lovers and share your passion for music. You can also recommend new music to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. The more people in your network that add and share music, the better MusicNow’s recommendations will be. Once you add a song to your personal playlist, you can play it whenever you want and share it to your network. You can also feature any song by selecting a „star“ and make it part of your community’s playlist. When your network’s playlist is large enough, the song will be played in the community’s lounge. You can also recommend songs to other users or collaborate on your music collections. Download MusicNow from here. About MusicNow Cloud MusicNow Cloud is the in-app music player for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. It offers 4GB of music storage space and one full year of unlimited music streaming. Users can search, browse and listen to the content stored in their music library. MusicNow Cloud is one of the most robust music players available in the market, thanks to its wealth of features and its quality of service. Download MusicNow Cloud from here. About Zong Zong is a wireless voice, data and messaging service. Zong offers a free messaging service

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Features Pitch recorder: * hear yourself playback along with the recorded notes * visual representation of the pitch * display pitch deviations * audio visualization of the sound spectrum Temperament: * Equal: For piano * Just: For bowing and violin * Pythagorean: For other fixed pitch instruments Recording: * record performances * transcribe notes recorded Visualization: * playback * view pitch data * sound spectrum Recommended: Piano (Standard) Piano (Legato) Piano (Articulation) Violin Violin (Rosin) Violin (Caroline) Cello Cello (Aspiration) Guitar Guitar (Spanish) Guitar (Nylon) Nylon Guitar Mandolin Mandolin (Traditional) Mandolin (Fretless) Mandolin (Xylophone) Pocket Guitar Muted Violin Soprano Soprano (Singing) Tenor Tenor (Singing) Bass Bass (Humming) Bass (Singing) Bass (Power) Compact Disc CD (Rear) Equipment: * guitar tuner * recorder * interface * interface for audio sampling * optional microphone * mute button * power and volume control * 3.5 mm stereo male output * 3.5 mm stereo mini output * bundled transparent cover * headphone * volume pedal * cord length * micro SD card adapter * length adjustment * optional shaker * size: 8.4 x 6.9 cm * weight: 125 g Intonia Video Demo iOS App Review I bought this app to help my music teacher and friend, who was working on orchestra grade ensemble pieces, learn to play piano. Not only is this app very easy to use, but it works well with metronome and headphones. Whenever I (piano student) would make a mistake, the app would flash the note that was incorrect and wouldn’t let me make that mistake twice. As of Jan-2011, Intonia has been removed from the App Store. What this means is that the app does not work anymore, even though it was really great, I encourage people to check for alternatives. You can search app store for Intonia Pro


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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-4170T 2.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0GHz Memory: 8 GB RAM Recommended: Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4770HQ 2.8GHz / AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM Original title: Raiden Chronicle