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MORE INSIGHT MCTEK-MCTEK Technical Consultants [MCTEK] (100143040) [MANAGER] (100143717) [CERT – 10238] (100143714) The Annals of Statistics. SELFPACKAGE 2.0.1 PL 0.5.4 Versions of the software you will need the following: ftp://ftp.nic.in/pub/cad/i/cadsoft5.zip: i/5.4.x.zip: the second consecutive season, thanks in large part to new head coach Paul Gill, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are looking to go all the way to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. Last season, the Irish made it to the Sweet 16 for the first time in a decade. They were defeated by the eventual champion Florida Gators. On Saturday, the Irish once again tip-off against the No. 8 seed MVC Champion Northern Iowa Panthers. Notre Dame is the higher seed due to last season’s regional semifinal loss to Illinois, but can they repeat as Big East Champions? Let’s take a look. The Opponent Northern Iowa has been on an unbelievable run lately. It started last season with a Sweet Sixteen run, and the Panthers have just been getting better and better. After losing a home-and-home series against Iowa this season, the Panther’s most recent game against rival Iowa State, they escaped by the skin of their teeth. Unfortunately for the Cyclone, they were outscored by five points at the free throw line en route to a 87-76 win. Northern Iowa’s defense is what makes them special, and they are able to shut down their opponents because of it. They are allowing only 41.0 points per game this season, and Notre Dame will need to play great offense to be successful on Saturday. Though an offensive juggernaut last season, Notre Dame struggled against zone defenses like the Northern Iowa’s. This season, the Irish have shown improvement in getting past their man-to-man defensive miscues, but they also have struggled in transition. Sophomore guard Jareth Thomas has led the Irish with 9.9 points per game this season, but he has also dished out 4.7 assists per game. Thomas

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