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via: E3 “With HyperMotion, we wanted to change the rules of videogames and push the boundaries of what is possible, to create a new kind of gameplay experience that delivers a totally immersive and captivating on-field experience,” said Alex Labros, Executive Producer for FIFA. “We believe that what you experience on the pitch can affect how you approach a match and we are really proud to be a pioneer in real-time 3D motion-capture. With technology like this, we have finally redefined what is possible on the pitch, creating a brand-new player interaction layer that allows players on the field to influence their actions on the pitch. Whether it is performing an overhead kick to score a goal, completing a pass in a game-winning manner or simply executing a fantastic tackle to win a game – each moment in the game is a new opportunity to thrive as a football player.” via: EA It is possible to activate HyperMotion Technology by pressing the „I“ key on the keyboard. You can also access the settings and enable or disable the feature via the „Options“ tab in FIFA Ultimate Team. In the „Gameplay“ area, you can set the „Best Practice Enabled“ option to „yes“ or „no.“ via: EA HyperMotion Technology is available in all modes on all game modes and all game types on both the Story and Seasons modes. via: EA A match prep tutorial will be available in Seasonal games and Quick Matches, similar to what FIFA 17 offers. The tutorial will give you insight on the various game modes in each mode. The tutorial will teach you about the basics of the game modes on an easy learning curve, and once you complete the tutorial you will be able to play the game modes at your own pace. You will not be able to play multiplayer matches while the tutorial is active, but you will be able to enjoy the game modes solo. via: EA During the tutorial, you will not be able to access Ultimate Team. You may switch back to the Main Menu by pressing the „ESC“ key. via: EA Fifa 22 Free Download introduces the all-new „Futball,“ a new game mode that puts fans into the action and lets players take on the role of a manager. via: EA In „Futball,“ the game’s new manager


Features Key:

  • Newly adjusted ‚Vision Engine‘ improves ball handling.
  • Speed awareness behaviour transforms sliding challenges into tackles and pushes.
  • Enhanced heading touch animation recreates the physicality of heading a ball.
  • FIFA 22 introduces ‚HyperMotion Technology,‘ the most advanced simulation system in the history of the franchise, which uses motion capture data from a 22 real-life players in motion capture suits playing a complete, high-intensity football match to deliver every-part of the ball-playing experience. PROVEN WORLD LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Superstar players, iconic stadiums and fiercely competitive competitions all combine to make FIFA 22 the true World League Champion. Play with the stars and experience the challenges of the World Leagues with exhilarating 70-minute matches that are played in complete HD 1080p. EXPERT-GRADE AI PITCHMASKING FIFA 22’s AI Pin-Poster showcases the game’s enhanced AI gameplay with a stunning visual design and live pitch highlights.


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Football. Futebol. The beautiful game. A game that was brought to life when a group of friends in Brazil decided to play a game on the beach, and, somehow, it evolved. More than 30 years later, it remains a family-friendly, accessible sport enjoyed around the world, and an expertly crafted product with more than 1.5 million licenses sold each year. Today, FIFA continues to be the most authentic football simulation on the market and is the only game to feature licensed stadiums and players from more than 80 countries. What does FIFA offer? FIFA offers the most authentic football simulation experience in the world. Featuring authentic visuals, animations, crowds, stadium interiors and more than 80 authentic licensed teams, players and clubs, FIFA is a game that feels, looks, sounds and moves more like the real thing. Powered by Football, EA SPORTS FIFA is the only sports game that uses a motion-capture system that allows the game to replicate a real-world athlete’s ability to move to the extent that the games feel as if they are as realistic as possible. Every tackle, ball-sweep and pass is reflected in the gameplay of FIFA and the technology helps the player’s signature movements to be replicated without compromising on the authenticity. Each player in FIFA stands out from the competition with their unique attributes and playstyle, allowing players to create their own unique playing style on a game that encompasses all aspects of the sport. The game supports online multiplayer up to 6-players in one of 15 community-created or licensed local leagues, and features a new Tactical Match system with the ability to create and play 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 matches with friends and teammates. FIFA uses an unprecedented combination of realism, simulation, authentic atmosphere, innovations in gameplay and the Community Choice, which lets fans tell us what they think of FIFA and help to improve the game. FIFA Ultimate Team also delivers short-term content updates that let fans add their favourite players from real-world football clubs and manage their in-game Ultimate Team. What is FIFA Ultimate Team? In FIFA Ultimate Team, players are able to create their own team with players and kits from real-world football clubs, and take part in FIFA Ultimate Team Challenges, including the chance to win mini-challenges, packs of players and in bc9d6d6daa


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Join up to 30 clubs in your Ultimate Team and compete in Matchday Challenges, tournaments, and 3-on-3 Ultimate Blitz or 4-on-4 Ultimate Classic in daily and weekly live and season-long competitions, you can also draft new playable characters each week and customise your ultimate team with other players and items in the in-game store. Authentic Player Abilities – Win balls through aerial challenges or take advantage of the unique game mechanic – a rival can launch a counter-attack as soon as your opponent is fouled – by receiving a pass on your waist, chest, or by scoring a goal. Player Intelligence – Offensive gameplay received a massive overhaul in FIFA 22, with players more aware and more able to avoid contact and perform more precise dribbles and passes. Defenders became more astute, and they’ve also been given new tactical tools to use in their team’s favour. Flair Def While we’re not officially giving anything away at this point, we do know that FIFA 22 will be coming with an impactful online experience. That said, we don’t know how soon we’ll have access to the various modes, but we do know that the game will include it. One thing is for certain: Before EA Sports starts talking about FIFA 22, they’re first going to focus on making FIFA 19 one of the best FIFA’s ever made. That means that a number of PS4 games, as well as FIFA 19, will be coming this year. The biggest games will be part of the PlayStation 4 exclusives, and Sony and EA Sports may want to have something new and relevant to show potential subscribers. The same team that created FIFA 19 are expected to work on FIFA 20, a game with incredible feedback and reviews from fans. This is a difficult thing to pull off, since the gaming industry is more vibrant than ever. FIFA 20 will inevitably have a great gameplay, features, and overall experience. FIFA 19, on the other hand, was a mistake. Perhaps this will turn around and EA Sports can actually release an excellent game and not just an average one. At least, that’s what we’re hoping. Remember when FIFA 14 made it’s debut, and it was one of the best FIFA games? Well, FIFA 19 was a huge disappointment and it came at the hands of the same developer. However, with FIFA 20, EA Sports hopes to keep the momentum going. With that said


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