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Key Features: “HyperMotion Technology” powered by motion capture data from real-life players “Power Ratings” from data from real-life players Zonal Tactics – new way to play New Arsenal Agent – Jack Wilshere Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 downloadable content The World Game mode New Match Day Experience, including 8 new stadiums FIFA Soccer 2016 demo Xbox One S – October 11 at retail in North America, available at participating retailers, and on Xbox.com New Kinect sensor – Our new sensing technology allows you to play without it, but when it’s on it builds a profile of your whole body including your position, aiming and movement. It records your playing style and preferences, and plays back the actions of other players when you’re playing cooperatively to help you get the best out of a session. High-res, high-contrast colour – Completely redefines the look of Xbox One, playing back in true colour and giving you a crisper, clearer picture. Bluetooth speaker – Built-in Bluetooth means you can play at the same time as your party without interrupting their conversations. Xbox One Wireless Controller – Experience the most precise, comfortable and natural controller ever made, and take your game on the go. Xbox One Guide – Updated to the new layout, now with up to five rows of buttons including on the thumbsticks, directional pad and triggers Xbox One DVR – Add up to 30GB of storage space to your console so you can record up to 4,500 hours of gameplay. Or record your favourite games and play them back through the Guide. Xbox Live community and social features – Find, add and play with more than 50 million other players in new ways with social features like Xbox One party, Xbox Live Parties with the friends you make now, and the new Bing bar. Xbox One Backward Compatibility – Play the greatest games ever made, big and small. And now on Xbox One with Xbox Live, you can save your game progress and achievements, have your game’s disc right on your console and play every game you own, all on the same account. Xbox One specs Xbox One S Console controller. 6th generation quad-core processor. 1TB hard drive for game storage (1TB 1TB or 2TB hard drive for Game DVR


Features Key:

  • A brand new in-depth Football Manager experience that lets you live your dreams as both a manager and a player.
  • Power up soccer games FIFA and FIFA Street with the introduction of sweeping changes to ball physics, new controls, and new features.
  • Track and score the game like never before with goals that feel more authentic and enhanced crowd reactions and chatter.
  • Featuring realistic player models created from over 400,000 hours of motion-capture data.
  • Introducing all-new commentary with more realistic and engaging features.

FIFA 22 introduced “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.


  • Career Mode – Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.
    • FIFA Ultimate Team – Make your dreams come true with Ultimate Team. Build your Ultimate Team from real players, train your players in your very own football academy, go head-to-head online with your opponents and build football empires.



Fifa 22 [Latest]

EA SPORTS FIFA is one of the biggest and most popular videogames in the world. The FIFA World Cup™ is the biggest event in the sport and the biggest football celebration on the planet, so it’s no surprise millions of fans around the world are excited to dive into FIFA 22 and witness the talents and play styles of some of the best footballers in the world right here in North America. FIFA has brought the world of football to our doorsteps. Quickening pace and tight control is the key to achieving world-class moves like the goal-scoring throw-in, while new player movements set to new animations are set to bring more zest to your favorite superstar players. New shooting mechanics make timing and accuracy even more important, while aerial gravity now affects shots and headers—so practice your tuck-and-volley. With FIFA 22, players are able to control more in every moment, with over 95 authentic player movesets, enhanced ball physics and a revamp of the new player’s tech, and more. New in FIFA 22 Intelligent Formation: A number of smart team tactics, formations and set pieces will help you control the game and lead your team to victory. New Player Mechanics: Players now move and act in ways you wouldn’t expect from a football player. Dynamic player movements, new dribble mechanic, and new momentum-based player run animations set to new player tech and animations are all part of new player AI. New Player Movement: Players are now more energetic, more unpredictable and more believable. Players are more reactive to the context of the game and react more naturally to the game situation. New Mechanics: New focus on the A.I., such as avoiding/wasting shots and keeping the ball away from goal. The higher the speed of the ball, the less control you have. The net has been removed and added to the goalposts to make the goals more compact and realistic. New Player Movement: Redesigned animation system allows for more complex movements and new animation trees. Movement is now bound to momentum, so if you move side to side, the player will go in a zig-zag shape. New Player Movement: Players now get weaker on a dribble and a pass until the ball is first touched. Player Balance: Players are now more balanced across the pitch. Players now can go side to side and make the cut to the center without loosing balance. bc9d6d6daa


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Delve deeper into Ultimate Team with a new season mode, weekly rewards and more. Invite your friends to play and challenge them to epic matches. The Journey – Take an unprecedented journey into the real world of Club Football as your club fights through the ranks of the English football league system. Completing a league, cup or international tournament, and adding badges and trophies to your player’s profile will help them develop further. You can compete in daily and weekly challenges and compete for weekly rewards as you progress. At the end of each season you can even complete the ultimate challenge and battle for the ultimate reward. The Champions League – Discover a new way to compete. Play in a completely new Champions League competition with the new Champions Draft and Interactive Groups. It’s just as dramatic as the real thing with knockout competitions and drama as the favourites reach the last 16 for the very first time. New Ways to Play – Go and watch. This is more than just a new way to watch football, it’s also a new way to play football. Stream live games to your PS Vita, PS4 and other devices – including the PS3 system. Or watch live and on demand on your TV – including the PS3 system. And the only way to start playing is with FIFA 19. Your Questions Answered Q. Can I transfer my Ultimate Team players from FIFA 19 to FIFA 22? A. Yes, simply download the game to your PS4 or PS Vita system and follow the instructions to get your files transferred. Q. What will the Training Method be like in FIFA 22? A. You can now get a more accurate feel of what your player is like in real life. Choose a match and use the Precision Motion Technology to set your player’s movement speed, acceleration and drag – influencing your tactics on the pitch, in the air and on the ground. Q. What are the new and improved AI Elements? A. The AI on the pitch has been optimised and tweaked to make a more realistic and organic pitch game experience. The new AI Pathfinding system ensures players are highly aware of the area where they are on the pitch, and it means they will think more about their next step before taking it. Q. When can I get to play some more offline Training? A. Here’s one for the Pros. Have one of the game’s most-requested offline Tutorials loaded on the PS4 system and guide


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