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HyperMotion Technology not only enhances the fluidity and unpredictability of movement, but also increases the overall ball speed and accuracy of the ball. To facilitate the use of this technology, game developers and players were consulted to understand their needs, including how they want to play the game and how they want to train. The game now features two separate modes of play: 1. Real-time Simulation Mode where the gameplay is fast and fluid and uses the same rules and physical interactions that a real soccer game would. This mode also includes the player’s individual and global “Ease of Play” rating and player likeness. The player can also review the ratings of his teammates and opponents; 2. Training Mode where the physicality of the player’s movements are more constrained and less frequent so that trainers can accurately represent the movements of a real player. The movements of the player are also simulated in one of three new difficulty levels, ranging from “Easy” to “Extreme”. The new gameplay is connected to realism. For example, if the ball is kicked directly over a goalkeeper’s head, it’s more likely to be saved by the goalkeeper than by the goalkeeper’s “invisible” hand. A tackle is more likely to result in a counter-attack. The training mode allows the player to train in all three positions at all three levels. The physical movements of the players are more constrained and less frequent than real game play, allowing for greater control of the movement. Players are now able to vary their runs with greater accuracy – and, therefore, in an appropriate manner. For example, an attacking player can now run past the ball, which is new in the game. If the player misses the pass, the player can correct himself, both in the direction of the pass and in the direction of the run. Aiming to make the player feel and perform as naturally as possible, FIFA 22 provides more natural speed control to players and improved scoring chances for goalkeepers. The new Aim Assist technology uses the full 360 degrees of the goal-line camera. This provides realistic support from all directions. This system now also supports run-in crosses, which are crosses that go in from outside the penalty area towards the centre-circle and can be used to extend the attack. Players can now use the Full-Sprint System with more accuracy and greater versatility. Players can sprint and use pass-


Features Key:

  • New play mechanics – Movement is bigger and more reactive, tackle impacts feel more physical, and the ball swings wildly and unpredictably. You’ll never feel better supported in FIFA 22 than on the pitch.
  • Arenas – The world is brought to life with stadiums, fields and fans seen and felt in the most intricate details. They come to life with crowds cheering and chanting in live, fully-scripted scenarios. Fans are animated, talk to each other, and interact with players on the pitch.
  • Multiplayer – The feel of the pitch changes as players change positions. Whether you’re connecting, creating, or building from the ground up, FIFA 22 lets you live out your passion of bringing the ball down the pitch in a new way with five fresh aspects to create.


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Ranked FIFA World’s Best Football Game. With FIFA 20, We made the world’s first fully-featured, realistic and authentic soccer video game on next generation consoles in the U.S. and Europe, with 3D player models, detailed stadiums, and new gameplay and innovations, all based on feedback from the global FIFA community. What does FIFA mean for the NFL? In addition to delivering what has always been the definitive football game to celebrate the world’s greatest sport, FIFA is a proven business model that has generated over $6 billion in world-wide retail sales and bolstered the overall FIFA franchise on console and PC with further updates and content. The FIFA brand has also become a staple and an essential part of every NFL team’s history and tradition. The EA SPORTS FIFA 10 packaging featured the NFL logo. What’s in the Box? FIFA 20 Game PlayStation 4 system (model PS4). PlayStation Camera. PlayStation Move controllers. StreetPass Mini Pads. Smart Glove. One Dual Shock 4 wireless controller. Six PlayStation Gold edition FIFA 20 game cards. Three deep-purple PlayStation PGL Xbox Digital Case (3.25″ x 2.5″ x 0.8″). One PlayStation StreetPass trophy case. FIFA 20 Dream Team Edition. ALL-NEW POINTS OF INNOVATION EXCLUSIVE “POWER OF” PLAYER FUELLING: Master new crowd control techniques that deliver more intelligent “power” to your players. AI-BASED IN-GAME STRATEGY: Develop your team through online challenges and face off against the world’s best players in the FIFA 20 “Community” Mode. THE OLYMPIC FEATURE INCLUDES: Join your national team to compete in the FIFA 20 “Olympic” Experience, including a new transfer system featuring players from countries around the world. TEAM WELL-BASED: Create, manage, and play with your favorite team using new “Real World Ultimate Team”-inspired formats. UNIFIED TRANSLATION SYSTEM: Simplify your communication and enjoy global opportunities in leagues with more than 100 bc9d6d6daa


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Build the ultimate team from over 300 players available via packs, including brand new players in 22nd August and new items. MLS – Start your career as a pro in FIFA Ultimate Team mode. The season will pick up a few weeks later than in real life with all players having their contracts start on 22nd August. Club World Cup – Join the club and play as one of twenty-eight Club World Cup squads to take part in this knockout competition. Exclusive Attire – Some gear has been custom created for the FIFA, including a new look for the Adidas goalkeeper gloves. FIFA exclusive goalkeeper gloves will be in worldwide stock from 23rd August. WORLD TOURNAMENTS – Experience all the World Cup excitement with official licensed jerseys available for every star from around the world. SOCCER MLS KIT GIVEAWAY The FIFA Soccer game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will feature a special soccer kit giveaway. Club World Cup players will receive an exclusive t-shirt in FIFA, while MLS players will receive an official jersey. MATCH ACTION VIDEO GIVEAWAY For the first time in FIFA history, players can win a 32-foot version of your favourite goal with UEFA Champions League video footage from inside the goal itself. For FIFA 19 Ultimate Team players, the 32-foot goal will also be available for purchase on FIFA Points and the in-game store. HEAD TO HEAD MATCHUP Use your set-up ability to create the best play. Two new Head To Head matchups are available to play on XBOX One and PlayStation 4. CHILL DYNAMICS – A new FIFA experience. COOL KIT SWITCHES – A major new feature. Improved interaction with fellow players and their improvements. VEHICLES – Your journey is now more immersive than ever. Choose from your favourite cars and racing bikes, or deliver a crushing hit in a fully customizable truck. All-new Ride the Wave Rugby is officially coming to FIFA 19 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Take the center of the field and lead your team up the pitch. With two new ways to play Ride the Wave Rugby, you can now take control of the both the attacking and defensive game. WIN THE GAME – Make it to the final round. Build the Best Team – Create and control your team with more than 60 players from all over the world. As you make your way to the Cup


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Generate hype and excitement amongst die-hard fans with the most balanced season ever
  • Kicking & Pounding – Speed up momentum in attack with players who can accelerate at pace
  • This is Football in your style – Unique aspects to play in iconic locations from around the world
  • New Real Lights feature – optional dynamic lighting refiming the atmosphere in your stadium
  • Brand new moment in the history of football – New Champions League Feature
  • New Revolution – lead your player into the first moment of history
  • Crosses are back!


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Many of you may not know how much of a role EA has had in bringing this football experience to life. Before EA Sports was a name for video game, it was Electronic Arts. Since 1974, EA has collaborated with the people who make football great, from players to coaches, administrators and everyone in between. From last summer’s FIFA 17 to the launch of FIFA 19, our focus has been on creating authentic football gameplay that only real footballers know and enjoy. As the number one sports franchise in the world, we aim to grow the global audience for EA SPORTS FIFA, the #1 video game franchise of all time. Winning the World Cup? You bet! The greatest tournaments in all sports are some of the biggest competitions of all time, from the NFL to the NBA and the UEFA Champions League to the FIFA World Cup. Whether you’re looking to dominate your neighbourhood with FIFA Ultimate Team, or compete in your nation’s football championships, FIFA makes it happen. Whether you’re a first time player, an avid baller or a seasoned pro, there’s a FIFA for you. FIFA World Cup™ featuring the Women’s World Cup™ 2014 LIVE FIFA World Cup™ Tournament Tour: June 10th to July 1st in 2014 World Cup Soccer’s biggest event returns to 12 cities across the United States including New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Kansas City, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Seattle, Boston, Dallas, San Diego and Los Angeles New for FIFA 22: MyClub Create your own club, select your players, create a starting XI and compete with your friends to win the trophies and prove who’s the best. FIFA World Cup™ Trailer FIFA World Cup™ Trailer (2015) Download FIFA World Cup 2015 Trailer FIFA World Cup™ 2015 Trailer This summer’s FIFA World Cup is the biggest in history, with over 100 nations competing for the chance to lift the trophy. Try out the official FIFA World Cup mobile app for smartphones and tablets. The FIFA World Cup 2014 app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone and lets you get more involved with this year’s tournament than ever before. Join your friends, create your own tournament team and get the latest information and team news from the tournament. With video highlights, features, photo galleries and interactive content, there’s even


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