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The full World Cup mode 18 new World Cup moments, ranging from hot favourites to the surprise of the tournament. Two new customisation modes make it easy to personalise your FIFA World Cup experience. A new Career Mode lets you build a footballing legacy, and put together the dream team for your club and country. New identity cards and badges to play around with. FIFA World Cup Mode Loading up… In the next 90 years, a World Cup Final that features a new generation of players will be replayed all over again. World Cup motion capture data has been collected to create a new generation of football that feels right for the new generation of gamers. Players that feel right for FIFA 22 FIFA World Cup Mode is all about controlling and learning to play multiple footballers with carefully captured motion capture data. You can be confident that the players in FIFA 22 do it right, because the mechanics of the game are all powered by data from FIFA World Cup matches. FIFA World Cup Revolution Loading up… FIFA World Cup Revolution is a career mode that takes a journey across a world of football from the lower divisions to the the big leagues. The story is built around creating your own footballing legacy, and building a club team that will one day compete in the World Cup. Choose your team Step into the shoes of a pro footballer and choose a club from 9 leagues across Europe, Asia, and South America, all of them with a new look. A new team background will also allow you to customise the team, and make it your own. Build your own legacy Hear the stories of new stars to come. Create your club and leave a legacy that will stand the test of time. FIFA Ultimate Team FIFA 22 will give players the chance to build and control their own football team in FIFA Ultimate Team. Instead of buying and selling players in packs, you will be able to buy and manage individual players by earning real game currency. With a new TV contract that rewards coaches for success, the competition for manager of your favourite club in FIFA Ultimate Team just got more difficult. With the new TV contract in place, new players, new team kits, and new stadiums, expect FIFA Ultimate Team to offer even more to spend your hard-earned real life FIFA World Cup coins on. FIFA Ultimate Team highlights: New


Features Key:

  • Mastering new aspects of the game with „AI Nites,“ where the Ultimate Team Manager can use four Top Players as AI assistants to train, manage and create your side.
  • Play with custom legends in the all-new Be a Pro feature, where you can create your own customised versions of historically important players, who can then be included in custom team configurations in addition to the core squad.
  • Dominance and unpredictability are at the heart of X Mode. If a big team is winning a game, you can grab FUT coins and become the big player in the community.
  • FIFA 22 takes advantage of the next-generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles in one of the biggest titles on the platform for the first time.
  • Over 2,000 new animations and 50,000 changing collision points mean more animations between a multitude of player types and the ball.
  • New responsiveness and finesse controls make for greater ball control in close-quarter play.
  • Over 225 new skills for players to master.
  • Completely new engine for more fluid animations.
  • The new “through ball” mechanic – allowing players to pick up the ball off the turf and deliver precise through balls.
  • Realistic aerodynamics similar to those of real football and improved ball physics.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team mode – A massive community comes together. Items can now be shared through Ultimate Team items, including People Player, Boosts and Relics.
  • Create the ultimate club with the brand new suite editor.
  • Dual screen support, including the ability to see a list of pending free agents in your free transfer market and add them to the deal queue to be activated when completing a deal.
  • Control your squad independent of another player – or both players. Create a “double-play” system – so you can engage in the old-fashioned man-for-man style of the first-person football cinema, or take on two of your friends for greater challenges.


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FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise featuring the best players, clubs, teams, and officials. Each year EA SPORTS publishes the latest in the series as FIFA. Playing a variety of sports, modes, and scenarios, FIFA allows fans to live vicariously as their favorite footballers. FIFA is one of the most recognized sports brands in the world. It is the original football videogame and has sold over 100 million copies in 55 countries. As football evolves and becomes more popular, FIFA also continues to grow and respond to audience needs. The popularity of FIFA has continued to grow outside of the markets where the official game is sold, becoming a global phenomenon. What sets FIFA apart? FIFA is built from the ground up with next-generation game technologies that deliver the most realistic, authentic, and engaging football experience ever made. Based on the feedback and input of millions of fans, it is designed to be the next generation of football and is fully integrated with leading sport technology and innovations such as the Frostbite Engine. Never before have we seen such a high-definition level of realism in a videogame. With new fluid animations, ultra-detailed player models, and an on-the-pitch environment that depicts real-world stadium experiences, FIFA delivers the most refined football experience to date. With more than 3,000 custom animations, over 250 team crests and logos, intelligent crowd members, stadia, and stadium plays, the game truly captures the vibrancy of the sport. Console-quality gameplay and physics. An incredible number of interactions and real-world goals in every scenario. Adaptive AI that learns and evolves based on your game play style. New defensive moves are designed by expert coaches to let you break lines in a manner that real-life coaches teach. Offside decisions are made by on-the-ball referees, and your touch on the ball will be more believable, as will be the ball travel. The brand-new crowd erupts into an insane celebration when your team scores. Ball touch, goal kicks and even the formation of goalscoring moves are all part of the experience. It’s all about authenticity. Winning on the field has never been more realistic. Every single element of the experience – from the hairstyles and eye and skin colors of the players to the physicality of the animations, every aspect of the graphics is designed to be the highest quality and level of detail you can find in bc9d6d6daa


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Create your Ultimate Team to enjoy the thrill of taking your favourite players from across the globe, and assembling the perfect team to play your way. Take on your friends and the world, live out your dreams as your club manager in Career mode, and dominate on or off the pitch. Or go head to head in the all-new FIFA Ultimate League as your squad takes on the best footballers from around the world in online matches. Kick-Off Specials – Introducing Real-World Locations – FIFA 22 lets you access never before seen locations from around the globe, to create your own unique matchday experience. From the awe-inspiring scenery of the skyscrapers in New York to the wild wilderness of Greenland, there’s nowhere on earth that isn’t an exciting new location for new objectives and team building. Completing tasks within the game (and unlocking bonus content) will earn you tokens. Then, you can spend these tokens to unlock items on the FIFA Points Store – enabling players to experience these items while playing FIFA titles such as FIFA 21, FIFA, FIFA 18, FIFA 17, FIFA 12, FIFA 11, and FIFA 10. To celebrate the news we have four FIFA 22 beta keys on the way. Keep an eye out for them and more information on FIFA 22 will be announced soon. FIFA 20 Ultimate Team released on October 29 in North America and October 30 in Europe and is available in FIFA Interactive Game Pack. Five-packs, Gold Packs and Packs of various kinds are available for Xbox One and Xbox One X. FIFA Ultimate Team released on October 29 in North America and October 30 in Europe and is available in the FUT Champions Experience Pass. The FUT Champions Experience Pass includes in-game bonuses such as Players Autograph, Stadium Access and more, along with real-world benefits such as discounts at partner stores, paid out to players as earned points. FIFA 18 Ultimate Team released on September 29 in North America and September 30 in Europe and is available in the FUT Champions Experience Pass. This Ultimate Experience Pass includes in-game bonuses such as Players Autographs, Stadium Access and more, along with real-world benefits such as discounts at partner stores, paid out to players as earned points. FIFA Ultimate Team released on September 29 in North America and September 30 in Europe and is available in the FUT Champions Experience Pass. This Ultimate Experience Pass includes in-game bonuses such as Players Autographs, Stadium Access and more


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Over 25 on-field gameplay innovations give a deeper, more physical and authentic feel to the game.
  • Score freely with new Edit Goals Feature.
  • A new Overturn System makes the play-of-the-moment moment a tactical counter-attack, rather than a set-piece.
  • The Stadium Referee has a new animation and is equipped with a new mike.
  • Team Makeover tools give players the ability to change their kits and collect attributes.
  • New Kit Editor (a first for the game) and new Direct Fit attachements.


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FIFA is an internationally respected sports video game series, which was first released in September 1992 for the original Sony PlayStation® computer entertainment system. Since then, FIFA video games have received numerous ‘Game of the Year’ awards and major industry accolades. FIFA video games have also been used to help raise millions of dollars for humanitarian causes since 2005. Each new version of FIFA is one of the most anticipated games of the year. FIFA is the official videogame for the FIFA calendar of football competitions. FIFA 11 features more than 150 licensed football teams, with all 52 national football associations and 32 top-level international competitions. It also features matchday and stadium atmosphere, all-new Champions League gameplay, Player Impact Engine (PIE) and dynamic crowds, all powered by Frostbite® 2.0, a new technology developed by DICE®. FIFA 12 brings numerous game innovations that are set to change the way football is played. These include Goal Line Technology and Dynamic Player Balance. What are the Goals? The Goal Line Technology is a brand new feature that accurately replicates the unpredictability of goal scoring. With Goal Line Technology, you can change how your shots affect the direction of the ball or players’ runs, and can even alter the area and force field at which the ball ricochets off. This groundbreaking feature brings a new sense of realism to the gameplay, and makes FIFA the only football title to have this technology. Meanwhile the Dynamic Player Balance is an important new feature that compares players and teams, resulting in a more accurate simulation of the match. What have you done in FIFA’s career mode? The FIFA Career provides players the opportunity to play in real-world competitions, such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup, while FIFA World Cup™ Mode lets you experience the thrill of the world’s greatest event – the FIFA World Cup™. You can play online with up to 32 players in FIFA Online’s included online multiplayer modes, and also play cooperatively online. In all, the FIFA Career offers over 200 game-changing new features to players. What about mode modifications? Gameplay settings can be adjusted to suit players’ needs. Graphics settings can be switched to suit different display levels.


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Windows 7/8/8.1/10 CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.30 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 945 BE @ 3.60 GHz / AMD Ryzen 7 1800X @ 3.00 GHz Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.30 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 945 BE @ 3.60 GHz / AMD Ryzen 7 1800X @ 3.00 GHz RAM: 8 GB 8 GB GPU: NVIDIA GTX 660 /


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