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Name Elden Ring
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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Ultra-High Quality Graphics!
  • A Thrilling Role Playing Game
  • 3D Animated Monsters and Artifacts to Fight and Enhance
  • Action Stages that Never Settle
  • Rich Drama With a Compelling Story
  • Simple Operation but Complex Reactions
  • Content Details:

    ● Characters

    • The original human race, the Elden.
    • The Land of Mithral, a huge surrounding area.
    • A mighty steel dragon, Vastirn.

    ● Monsters

    • More than 30 original monsters from Fable.
    • An amusing character and mighty collectible, called a Haunch of Falafel.

    ● Artifacts

    • More than 20 original monsters and magnificent masterpieces, re-created by legendary designers from Fable II.
    • Artifacts that make you stronger and enhance your role.

    ● Enemies

    • More than 30 original monsters from Fable II.
    • Legendary bosses to brave.
    • Wilds filled with exotic monsters waiting to be harvested and become your allies.
    • Assemble your team and explore the worlds in multiplayer!

    ● New Monsters

    • Goggle Slimes and Weasly Zombies, a pair of newly revealed monsters.
    • Otters, fascinating intelligence — the average of 40 personalities.
    • And other new foes hiding in a horde like an army of frogs.
    • Tackle a dracolich,


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      1. Install the game and crack ELDEN RING using wine. 2. First copy the crack. 3. Start the game and follow instructions. You can download crack ELDEN RING for free. About This Game: You are an Elden-Lord, a legendary hero, and you must liberate the land of Paerium from the merciless invasion of Demons. As you fight your way back, you come to know of the fate of your beloved, of your clan and of the other Elden Lords who fought bravely beside you. As you traverse the Lands Between, you are joined by a multitude of Elden-Lords, Elden-Witches, Elden-Mages and finally, your beloved, who now has lost her memories to the Dark. You must unravel the truth that is hidden behind the terror, and you must reach the ultimate end of Elden-King’s Realm! Key Features: Superior 3D Graphics The original fantasy action RPG, ELDEN RING takes to a new level of aesthetics with its remarkably smooth and sublime 3D graphics. Changeable Stats and Skills Equip your character with the different weapons and armour and then unleash spells and battle on the battlefield. No restrictions on Equipment You can freely combine different weapons and armor, and equip up to nine types of weapons and up to five types of armor. Carry out Missions to Boost Your Stats Encounter different kinds of enemies and enjoy the battle as you delve into the world of ELDEN RING. No Costly Manuevers You can freely go to and return from the dungeon without paying the same battle fee. DLC of Recently Added Skins These are items purchased in the PlayStation Store. 1. PS4/PS3: Model of the Elder „Blizzard“ Special Presentation Pack 2. PS4/PS3: Golden Ancient Bow 3. PS4/PS3: Elder Sisters Charm Skin 4. PS4/PS3: Elder Sisters Secret Weapon Skin 5. PS4/PS3: Elder Sisters Cape 6. PS4/PS3: Elder Sisters Charm Skin Unlock 7. PS4/PS3: Elder Sisters Secret Weapon Skin Unlock 8. PS4/PS3: Elder Sisters Cape Unlock 9. PS4/PS3: Default Character Coloration 10. PS4/PS


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Download the crack from the link below and save it on your hard drive.
    • Unpack and install the patch
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    DISCLAIMER: Cracking of this crack can make you responsible for any damage or loss that your computer has and the game has. It is not our responsibility because of crack, nor the responsibility of its developer. Please do not use this crack without its developer’s permission.



    1. The game has some scene corruptions like images, sounds, and videos.

    2. After updating add-ons, go to add-on management to remove the corrupt add-on. For example: Open Tamadrid and load AC_Store. After loading the add-on, go to add-on management and remove it.

    3. If the characters aren’t showing up, clear the cache of the game and reconfiguring the game to your language. (Open Tamadrid and choose Regional Settings)

    4. If the characters are showing up but you can



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 (64-bit only) CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 or faster RAM: 8 GB Graphics: DirectX 11-capable graphics card DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compliant sound card Input Devices: Keyboard and mouse Additional Notes: Audio options have been disabled by default. See How to Enable Audio for more information. Homebrew is not supported.


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