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Name Elden Ring
Publisher eterker
Format File
Rating 4.47 / 5 ( 9358 votes )
Update (10 days ago)







From the east, the land of Dusk falls upon an unknown time. A symbol of a mysterious world unseen by humanity was discovered and brought forth, awakened from the sleep of the ages. The second-most powerful artefact in the known world was recovered and excavated by eager researchers. ■ Artefact of Knowledge A mythical artefact called The Elden Ring. Special talent: “Light-Throwing” – When using the craft-magic spell, a golden light shoots from your hand. This sparkles brightly and decays fast. – With this, you can start a magical chain reaction to explode something. (magnificent craft) – This is a traditional spell of the human world. ■ Craft Magics – Craft-Magic (Magician) – Craft-Magic can be cast by hand or with a Bow. When the spell is cast from a bow, a circular attack effect is added. – Craft-Magic is a companion spell for beginners and those who wish to progress. The Craft-Magic’s strength increases when you successfully cast it and when you hit your target. ■ Craft-Magic (Bow) – This bow craft-magic is the bow magic of the elven race. The magic is designated as a bow magic based on a deep connection to the elven world. – While it isn’t a traditional spell, this bow magic can be used with the bow of the human race. – The spell can also be cast by hand. When it is cast by hand, a powerful slashing attack is added. – It is the strongest craft-magic for beginners, who have trouble learning non-weapon craft-magi. It is a great companion for a bowsman. – A particularly strong, advanced bowman might even learn this craft-magic first. ■ Magic Category: Light-Throwing At the bottom of the lake was the source of mystery. Although it was difficult to reach, you could see it clearly at a distance. Its colour was different from the clear light that comes from a star. This was the source of the mystery that the world had been waiting for. People with pale skin and shining eyes filed in to examine it. ■ New Artefacts The Elden Ring This artefact was discovered in the dead sea. It is a high


Name Elden Ring
Publisher eterker
Format File
Rating 4.47 / 5 ( 9358 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Battle and Skill – At the heart of the game lies its battle system, which allows you to enjoy massive fights with thousands of enemy combatants. The battlefield is teeming with combined attacks with powerful party members. Tap the enemy’s weakness, deliver a blow with your party members, and unleash your skills to perfection!
  • Weapon Collection – Equip various weapons, magic, and armor to achieve a super-powered status, and benefit from the extra effects of the equipment you equip.
  • Unlock a World of Adventure – Start as a member of the Elemental Wielders and the up-and-coming people of Sap, explore enemy castles and monster-packed dungeons, and take on perilous quests. Along the way, you will find many rewards. The number of quest items you receive will affect the country rank, which in turn affects character level and skill additions.
  • A Fantasy World That Enriches the Online RPG Experience – The world of Tarnished is rich with untapped potential. Rise as high as you can on the Rank Board and build a strong party for high-risk battles. Freely move your party between different countries and dungeons, form duos, and fuse to make your own character appear. The more you adventure, the more you want to get a bonus as a special reward!
  • [cb_1]“Two types of battles are represented. One is called direct battle. The battle scene expands into the three-dimensional space and characters, who are not on the same space, collide with each other. The number of enemy combatants in the space increases depending on the size and variety of their attacks. Direct battles enable the most challenging and exciting battles in the game. However, we are preparing other types of battles as well.”

    Content Update details

    1. Main Summon Vee. – The hero battle scene with 12 main characters has been added.

    2. New Free Companies / Mounts and Transformation / New Battle System / Deployable Abilities
    (Details: マンチのお


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    The Elden Ring [Mostly Good] by Super Engine’s RyuuKanai on 2019-12-19 As a new FF game, the Elden Ring is always followed up by players. It is said that the Elden Ring is a masterpiece compared to the latest FF game. The game is designed in the combination of early 2016’s FF16 which placed a heavy emphasis on character development. In contrast, it is said that the latest FF action game has more emphasis on the features of the battle than the role-playing game. For this reason, the battle will become a big and enjoyable point of this game. Gameplay systems of the current action games are largely based on single-button control to grant a sense of convenience. However, the gameplay of this game is more fun to the players who are familiar with RPG’s combat system. You don’t need to press specific buttons to make attacks. You can freely switch between buttons to let you prepare various attacks that allow you to use attacks without waste. What is not good about this game is the combat system. There is no such thing as an area where you can practice for a while to become accustomed with the system. Unfortunately, we can only practice against AI in the practice room. 1 /3 Character development [Excellent] by KOZUKI on 2019-12-19 The development of each character is unique. You can add various types of weapons and customizations with members of the game. If you have some Elda experience, this game will show you the feeling of the old game. This is a typical RPG games with an action game at the same time. 1 /2 Free Exploration [Excellent] by kikok on 2019-12-18 The game allows players to freely explore the three realms in the game. By exploring the various areas, you can play this game freely. The game offers the very action game unlike other action games. Although it is an action game, its battle lacks development. If you are a fan of the action game, you will be happy to see this game as well. The battle is fun to the point that it can become a brain game, but the interesting part of this game is not its battle. The battle is not as easy as you think. You will be able to challenge the opponent for a long time. 1 bff6bb2d33


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    Story & Character Edit Rise is a multiplayer action RPG where you explore a game world with a variety of design styles, fight various enemies, and battle with your friends. There are two playable characters in Rise. One fights using magic and the other fights using melee. While both combat styles are optional, you can master both if you so please. Choose whichever combat style you prefer. As you explore, the world of Rise is filled with a variety of story elements. While your choices during the story can alter your background, what kind of path you take, and the way the story evolves, you can freely experience the story without being bound by those choices. You can freely make a different story for yourself. Among the story elements are dialogue with NPC characters and the characters you meet during your quest. You can freely decide what kind of relationship you want to have with the NPC characters. The various stories that are involved in the game story are completely original. Rise also includes a multiplayer action RPG that allows you to play with other players. Because the game features an asynchronous online element, you are able to play with other people whenever you like. In the multiplayer game, you can choose to play together with your friends, and you can also participate in world events together with other players. Rise supports some of the features of other MMORPGs, including custom servers, guilds, and communicating with other players. Character Edit Rise has two characters; Alto and Aris. Alto is a warrior that fights with his magic while Aris is a skilled warrior that fights with his muscles. Both characters have a third-person viewpoint, and thus you can freely move and fight in the game world. They have different equipment, skills, and equipment, and can wield different types of weapons. Story Edit Battle System Edit Rise’s battle system features fully-realized PvP combat. Rise is an online RPG, where a character you form with your in-game ally participates in battles, which will be displayed in a third-person combat view. This system has a variety of functions that allow you to enjoy a battle in unique ways. For example, you can make your character’s speech show “commands” that will have a graphical effect, such as effects like a wind that sends enemies flying. Rise’s battles are turn-based, and the order of


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    About Hardlight Studios

    Hardlight Studios, the developer behind the critically acclaimed action RPG The Swapper from Studio Phoenix has launched a Kickstarter project to bring the title to the wider gaming market. The Swapper is a single-player role-playing game set in the mythical Caelum, full of otherworldly towns, curious inhabitants and some very powerful creatures and mythologies. The game utilizes a unique combat system which gives players a wide variety of mixed deadly and spectacularly enchanted melee and ranged attacks and a combo-driven finisher system. All of this is seamlessly hidden behind a story-driven plot where the two main characters must search both the fantasy world of the game and their own human reality for clues about the future of their world.

    A description that sums up the gameThe Swapper is a role-playing game for the modern gamer, an epic adventure for all fans of swashbuckling fantasy. It is the first game created by Hardlight Studios, and can be seen as the successor to their successful Firefox game Boogerman. The main quest will start with the protagonist, called the Tharn, who has been in your dungeon, your prison all his life. He’s escaped and wants to get out of there, but he cannot escape everything and everything that reaches him from there. The game world is deep, interesting and mysterious, with a dark and multifaceted setting. You will fight in various locations, including cities, warehouses, ruins, dungeons, magical and enchanted forests and other peoples‘ lands. The combat is played in real time, with a variety of hit points. You must strike in the right moment to avoid a critical attack and to protect yourself from powerful magical attacks.

    A plague has risen in the fourth sphere of Tan Gressol, the capital city of Caelum. A wizard by the name of Sevik D’Avel is negotiating with the princess of the city over compensation for the deaths and loot…

    Pregnant and unwillingly married to King Lionheart, Serenia ignores the marriage and searches for an agent to help her free her true love, Fire Eagle, from the clutches of the corrupt King Eduard.

    Treasuring his long residence in the magical realm of Faer Gressol, the hollow god Sarok has returned to claim a human family he


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    3. Key Features of The New Fantasy Action RPG:

      Massively Multiplayer

      >You can connect with your friends via multiplayer to pass the time when the game is not playing in your home and discover new games.

      Grant freedom to your imagination

      >Variety and flexibility, an active creator, and a memory which is full of hope,

      Combine the Wrath and Magic that only an Elden Lord can possess

      >Powerful and multidimensional, a warden bat and a Musketeer, arms and equipment that cannot be duplicated, a bowgun that kills a mouse in one shot.

      Fun and exciting quests and events

      >A vast world surrounded by a thrilling drama and a pleasing story which unfolds in-game.

      Advanced character development system

      >A character feature that allows the player to create the appearance. A PALETTE system that allows the player to learn skills, equip equipment, acquire items, forge magic, and create a mount. The player can freely customize his or her own character.

      Bypasses the



      System Requirements:

      Supported OS: OS-X and Linux (recommended) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 / AMD Athlon X2 6350 / Athlon X2 5200 + Memory: 2 GB Disc Space: 9 GB Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8600 GT or ATI Xpress 200 with 3D card support OpenGL: 2.0 Minimum Resolution: 1024×768 Web Browser: Internet Explorer 8 or higher or Firefox 3.5.5 or higher (Recommended) Mouse/keyboard