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Welcome to the Lands Between. In the Lands Between lies a vast world, where every moment of life is a gamble. This world is filled with a variety of dangers. Will you face these dangers and rise in the lands between? An epic drama is born from the fantasy of a mythical world of „Lands Between.“ For the people who cherish a sense of drama. For the people who want to experience the thrill of adventure. Is a world where a rare charm lies inside of you. Walk into the ring of opportunities with friends. Join together on your adventure! Where are you heading? „The Lands Between“ The Elden Ring ■ Battle System This action RPG is set in a fantasy world where you can freely interact with the characters and enemies. The battle system of „The Lands Between“ is set in a 3-D stage, and players control a character in front of the battle field. ■ Character Development This action RPG is set in a fantasy world where a sense of humanity exists. You can freely develop your character by adjusting the level and equipment based on the play style of each character. Each character has a different approach to battle, so pay close attention to your tactics and tactics to ensure victory. ■ Ready for PvP This game is set in a fantasy world where a sense of humanity exists, so we added the features to have PvP battles where players can readily interact with others. ■ Asynchronous Multiplayer This game supports an asynchronous multiplayer function, where players can communicate with each other in an optional multiplayer mode where players can confirm each other’s presence. ■ The Game on Steam „The Lands Between“ is set in a fantasy world where a sense of humanity exists. The game features awesome 3D graphics and a splendid sound effect. With a vivid storyline, you will enjoy a fun and exciting gameplay. A steam version for PC is available. ■ Characters Warrior: Soldier, Fighter Height: 167cm Height at 1.85: 167cm Barefoot: Warrior Height: 177cm Armored: Warrior Height: 171cm Spike: Warrior Height: 165cm Magic: Mage Height: 171cm Exploration: Mage Height: 171cm Sword: Gladiator Height: 170cm Bard: Warrior Height: 161cm Knight: Soldier Height: 180cm Medic: Healer Height: 164cm Armor


Features Key:

  • A vast world.
  • A unique setting that faithfully represents the World Between.
  • Elden Ring is made possible by Axiom Verge Editor-in-Chief “Cortex”

    • In-depth Action RPG with Guns
    Formidable weapons and level-up items are useful not only for fighting monsters. With the help of powerful weapons, you can critically beat enemies and increase your attack power. And powerful items will also let you explore inaccessible parts of the maps and dungeon.
    • Powerful Unique Weapons
    In addition to the usual weapons, the game has many unique weapons. The rates of fire for your attacks will rise, your attacks will cover wider area, the spell effects won’t interrupt your attacks, and special bullets will constantly be fired.
    • Variety of Main Characters
    Chapters 1 to 15, including the story of the game “Axiom Verge”, will also be updated. The game features a total of 27 playable characters.
    • Three Tactics: Run’s, Shoot’s, and Jump’s
    Run’s and Shoot’s are classic tactics that will help you to approach your enemies. Jump’s will let you reach a new area on the map quicker.
    • Dynamic Skills which Change with the Situation
    NPCs have their own skills corresponding to their class, and the skill level and rate of firing will change dynamically according to the situation.
    • Powerful Equipment Which Increases Your Attack Power
    Equipment whose rate of fire becomes higher, weapons which can also directly affect the size of the area of effect for your spells, and weapons and armor with special effects.
    • Local Co-op Versus Mode
    You can enter a shared world with friends and fight together against hordes of monsters in a shared world.
    • Entering an Unparalleled World of Co-op
    Enter an unrivaled co-op battle with local players around the world, with the ability to enter the same world with friends, and the co-op shooting


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    “The game’s short story, the ease of the interface, the charming costumes, and the awesome action appeal to me and certainly attract me. It’s an action-RPG game that’s fun to play, and it gets to me.” (saiph) “ I’ve never felt that close to another human being as I do in the Lands Between.” (susume) “My favourite parts of the game are when you see other players who are far away in the Lands Between (also known as the Dark World) while you’re playing and you can’t see their faces.” (tabiyori) “I thought this game was similar to Soul Sacrifice and Touhou; it’s an action-RPG where you can’t really play alone, but this game has the charm of the Touhou series and the personality of the Soul Sacrifice series.” (FF01) “It’s a game you can play with a bunch of friends and in an online environment, which is rare.” (Notx) “It feels like I am fighting in a story that is more involved than the ones I have played before.” (D-Orb) “Unique online play elements should be included in future games.” (Elf) “It’s a rare game that is not related to a popular character that people know, but it’s still something that can be played with friends who enjoy similar things and has a high level of competitiveness.” (kirai) “I can’t wait for the sequels to come out.” (sanjou) “I think this game is a good chance to experience the thrill of the Lands Between.” (M-Elden) “Action RPG with a sense of place… the experience of becoming an Elden Lord is incredible.” (Seat) “I think the dark side could really be more attractive compared to the rich side.” (Anexis) “In the game, when your comrades fall, you feel lonely and it’s hard to think about the threats you have to go through in order to complete the mission. bff6bb2d33


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    PLAYSTYLE STANDARD A: The standard style of play. First, fight enemies one at a time while maintaining a large distance between you and enemies to avoid getting hit and easily getting HP recovery items. B: The Brave style of play. Without being too careful, quickly attack enemies one after another, even making use of reduced HP. This is used to clear out groups of enemies quickly. C: The Careful style of play. Let yourself get hit for HP recovery items, and use set combos to counter them. This is used to achieve more precise attacks. S: The Strategy style of play. Select a combination of attack and defense items to choose the most effective way of dealing with attacks and confirming a safe area for yourself. In this case, the HP recovery items are allowed. TIME SYSTEM TIME WILL FLOW FROM THE PRESENT TO THE FUTURE The present is the time from the opening of the game to the present time. The future is the time from the present time to the game end. AUTOMATIC POSITIONING AUTOMATIC POSITION 1-5: The standard position. Turn your character to face the direction in which you want to move. 6: The manually controlled position. Hold the right trigger to turn your character’s forward direction or the left trigger to turn your character’s backwards direction. MANUALLY POSITIONING TRIGGERS LEFT TRIGGER: Item Inventory, Special Item, Toggle Prayer RIGHT TRIGGER: Direction Change, Attack, Special Attack ZRTRIGGER: Status Change, Change Equipment, Change Skills PREVIEW LEFT: Standard RIGHT: Brave STANDARD S: Acceleration A: Attack D: Dodge G: Guard N: Specials M: Magic I: Item BIOSHOCK MENU PUSH BUTTON MINE CAPTURE LAND OPPONENT HATCH NEW OPPONENT REQUEST PLAYER RELATIONSHIP CONTINUE SET STATS LEFT: Attack RIGHT: Defense TOGGLE FRIENDLY TOGGLE FRIENDLY LEFT: Auto RIGHT: Manual TRIGGER Skill Change LE


    What’s new:


    Customize your character and build your own party

    TILTING STRUCTURE: Five-panel construction structure allows you to freely customize your weapons, armor, and magic. All items are protected from the element of destruction. When fully equipped with a variety of items, your weapons and items become weapons and items that can destroy the enemies. All items can be equipped on your character’s avatar and the items on the five panels can be freely changed so that you can freely customize your weapons, armor, and magic.

    ARMOR STRUCTURE: Three-panel structure hides your character’s body and allows you to cast a variety of powerful magic and skill. When fully equipped with the 5 panels of your armor, you can let your power show.

    CAMOUFLAGE STRUCTURE: Five-panel construction structure covers your character’s body and allows you to draw powerful magic on the battlefield. Covered in you can freely create the magic you want. You can be given power even when in darkness, but you also become a prey to the element of darkness.

    UNIFORM STRUCTURE: Five-panel construction structure covers your character’s body and allows you to freely insert your skill-based attacks. When equipped with your skill-based attack, your attacks turn into powerful attacks. You can be equipped with more than one skill-based attack. An armor that covers your whole body and a set of skills that cover your body are indispensable for winning the game. You can also freely change their positions.


    The online features are realized through a four player through party / matchmaking servers that are essentially quasi hosting the worlds in the game. In addition to the features of matchmaking, party scaling is also supported.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 or later 64-bit processor 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended) 4 GB of available disk space DirectX 11 compatible video card with WDDM driver Click on the image below to go to our survey:Hyperkeratosis of the buccal mucosa. Hyperkeratosis of the oral mucosa is a common finding. It may be the result of a physiologic condition or the manifestation of a disorder. Two case reports will be presented and the etiologic