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Photoshop CS2 comes with several tutorials covering everything from drawing and coloring to coloring and decorating. Many are in German but can be found easily with a Google search. Photoshop CS2 Training Series If you’d like to be introduced to the painting of flowers, you can start by painting your own with Photoshop’s Realistic Painting feature. You can use the drawing tools to create flowers in a variety of poses and colors. You can rotate and flip the canvas to view the image from different angles and quickly see how a feature, like color, looks in a new way. Or, you can use Photoshop’s „Just Do It“ feature to draw your design, which provides a tutorial window where you can „Just Paint“ it. The tutorial mode paints the basic strokes of the design, and you can paint over it if you like the way the design looks. After you like it, you can use the Paint Bucket tool, set to a black and white brush, to adjust your image’s color. After you’ve finished editing the flower, you can save it to your computer for further editing with the Photoshop tools, or you can export the flower to a variety of other software (see the following pages). After completing the flower tutorial, you can take a look at some techniques and features that are new in Photoshop CS2. You can create a beveled border, a gradient that extends from one color to another, and multiple shadow effects that you can add to any area of the image. You can also apply the effects to many layers — in fact, the new layers capability enables you to create multiple layers, each with its own effects. If you would like to review some more complex features that are new in Photoshop CS2, you can check out the chapters about the following topics: Picking an image Cropping an image Reducing the file size of an image Manipulating and retouching an image Creating and formatting text Using filters and image-processing commands Exporting an image to create or enhance a new image For a quick overview of Photoshop CS2’s tools, check out Chapter 6 and the rest of this book. You can find tips and reviews of the other topics and programs covered in this book in the „What’s Hot“ section. Appreciating the App in Photoshop Photoshop is a robust and powerful image-editing program, but it can be tough to

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On the OS X platform, you’ll need to be running macOS 10.10 or later in order to use this version of Photoshop, so you should have the latest version available for your macOS system. You’ll need to install both the free “Adobe Creative Cloud” software and the free “Adobe Photoshop Elements” software, both downloadable from the Adobe Creative Cloud website. You can also download the free version from the Adobe Photoshop website. If you have not installed Creative Cloud, go to the Adobe website and download and install the Creative Cloud software. It comes with several free apps, including Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign and Muse. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 Download If you have already installed the Creative Cloud application, then go to the Photoshop website and download and install the Photoshop Elements application. Once installed, you can use Photoshop Elements on a Mac computer. That will give you the following features: Pixel-based editing for both 8-bit and 10-bit files After Effects-like compositing for graphics layers Automatic retouching with Clear Skin Technology Up to 30% faster than Photoshop Video export A channel mixer for video recording Powerful filters and effects Free, unlimited storage The version of Photoshop Elements required to edit 10-bit files depends on your computer. You can find that information on the Photoshop website. Installation For the Mac, download the “Photoshop Elements (x86)” app from the Adobe website and double-click the file to install it. For the PC, download the “Photoshop Elements (x86, WINDOWS)” app from the Adobe website and double-click the file to install it. There are other options for downloading, but either of these is sufficient for editing images. If you have problems installing Photoshop Elements, you can get help from the Adobe website. Photoshop Elements vs Photoshop The main features of Photoshop include: Pixel-based editing Layer-based editing Display and palette of image adjustments Multiple viewports and grids Version compatibility Image adjustments PDF creation and annotation The main features of Photoshop Elements include: Basic editing Editing with pixel-based tools Basic controls Color mixing Multiple viewports and grids Pixel- 05a79cecff

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