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Since the update to 10.3, the new 2019 version of Corel Painter, there are a number of issues and bugs in the latest release, especially in the Photo tool. Here I will show you how to get around these issues and find them before they bite you. Download Murale here:. The first issue is that of the Paint Bucket. The color picker is always on, and if you switch to painting it paints a perfect pale green color on top of everything, and the paintbrush looks like it will never come back. There are only 2 ways around this. 1. Go to the Tools palette, select the Paint Bucket, and turn off the „Under cursor“ rule in the Option palette. I cant stress enough how important this is. Now when you put your paintbrush anywhere on the canvas, it removes the paint from the already painted areas. 2. Once you turn off the „Under cursor“ rule, the Paint Bucket will paint everything correctly for the first time. Another bug: the Paint Bucket has been messed up again after the 10.3 release, and I have no idea what to do. There is a sort of fix, but it doesnt really work. You are supposed to go to the Paint Bucket, and paint a white border on the image. If you do it right, the outline shown in the image below shows up, and that is it. It does not switch to the standard pattern and colour of the „Paint Bucket“ button. It does not light up or turn blue. It does not alter the cursor or the pattern of the brush. It doesnt matter where you paint it or how much paint you put in it, it will work. But it does not change color. I would like to talk a bit about the UI and the pattern of the buttons, and how to change it to suit your needs. The bottom row of buttons is by default set to „Foreground“, or the selected colour. This default setting can be easily changed in the Painting palette. Since the Tool Palette has one button for each tool, you are able to change the colour and pattern of these buttons quickly. I keep them set to „Background“, or the default colour for each tool. It really wouldnt be that hard to force them to be what I want, but Im lazy like that. The top row is the Pattern. Changing these requires some more work, but much more work than the other buttons. The Pattern can be changed by going