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What does Blank! do? It just displays a blank screen that stays on top of all the other screens. Why? To hide annoying flash advertisements and other animated ads that are on the screen. All you have to do is launch Blank! and resize the window, then place it over the ads in the webpage and you won’t be bothered by changing animations and flashy ads.







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– Blank! is a place to watch all that you do. It is a replacement for the older Windows taskbar that is used in Windows 8. It’s easy to use, very customizable, has some nice features, and is completely free. – It lets you launch your apps directly from the taskbar, and uses a sliding button you can click to maximize an app. If you want to make it transparent, just click and drag a pixel to customize it. – Blank! will work in Windows 7 or later. And if your computer has a touchscreen, then you can touch the screen to launch apps on your mobile device. – Blank! has a re-orderable „Start“ menu that lets you move all apps to a place you want. Also, drag the apps you want to the top of the menu. – Blank! comes with some basic built-in apps such as a calculator, clock, Windows Explorer, and a file manager. – Blank! can be accessed from any screen. – Blank! is completely free, and is easy to use. How to Add Blank! to your Windows 7: – Launch Blank! from Windows 7 Apps directory. – A window will appear. – You must shrink the windows and make it transparent to hide the other windows. – Drag the blank screen to position it over the ads in the webpage. – Click „Start“ in the window that appears. – Open the app you want by clicking on the big icon. How to Add Blank! to your Windows 8: – Launch Blank! from Windows 8 Apps directory. – A window will appear. – You must shrink the windows and make it transparent to hide the other windows. – Click the black canvas in the bottom right corner of the Windows screen. – Click and drag to position the screen. – Click „Start“ in the window that appears. – Open the app you want by clicking on the big icon. What are the system requirements? It has been tested to work on Windows 7 or later. It is not recommended to install on Windows Vista or earlier, but it should work fine. It should work on Windows 10. I have not tested Windows 10 yet. How to uninstall/remove Blank! from your computer? To remove Blank!, first make sure it is installed. Then launch „Add/Remove Programs“ from your „Control Panel“. Select the Blank! program to uninstall it. Click „Un

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A: From the README: Blank! is a simple window that allows you to ‚place‘ an infinite number of windows on top of any other window you wish to hide. Cortex Autofill 2.4.0 : Filter bars Cortex Autofill 2.4.0 : Filter bars Filter bars is now a standalone extension and can be used independently of the original Cortex Autofill. Some advanced functionalities are still pending to be implemented, but we are happy to release it already. Activate AutoFormat and hit enter. You’ll be presented with the original Autofill interface. Now we have replaced the drop-down, but we keep a link that, if you activate, let you switch back to the full interface. Like for Autofill, the filter bars are enabled by default, the content is generated automatically. To disable it, set “show_original_interface” to false. Then you’ll get only the filter bars. To re-enable it, set it back to true. Here is what the filter bars looks like: Additionaly, we now have basic autocomplete. If a search is the subject of your input, it will send the text typed with the cursor to the original Autofill service and suggest the autocompleted words (along with the original text). If that doesn’t work, the basic Autofill is broken and you will have to change that setting in Autofill configuration.Statement on the ban on the killing of dogs and cats in Malaysia (PlaCAR – September 2014). AT THE AAFCD GENERAL SEMINAR (4-6 September 2014) Malaysia is listed amongst the countries that have inadequate regulations for the protection of companion animals. The PlaCAR study found many indicators of the lack of implementation of the basic standards that are necessary for adequate protection of animals in Malaysia. According to the 2010 census, dogs and cats accounted for 15.6% of all pets, which are a record high. This proportion is significantly higher than that found in other countries such as the USA, which had a proportion of 8% in 2007, and in Sweden, which had a proportion of 1.3% in 2007. This high figure can be explained by the fact that all dogs and cats are free to roam the b7e8fdf5c8

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Blank! is a free utility program to block annoying flash advertisements and other screen jumping animations. EDIT: Blank! is a free utility for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2, and Linux. A: From the start menu of Windows 7, select All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > (Blank)! From the taskbar (right click a blank space and click „add item“, then type Blank!). Right click Blank! > Properties > Normal Startup option > (clear „run when logon screen is active“) > OK > OK, done! Blank! is always on top of other Windows. You can’t remove it from the taskbar, but just right click a blank space on the taskbar, click „Add to quick task menu“, type Blank!, select Blank!, and it will be the last item on the quick task menu (but the only one on the bottom row of the quick task menu). Q: How to split/cut a string into array? I have the following String: String mystr = „C:\test\anystring.txt“; Now I would like to extract the the part „anystring.txt“ from this string, how can I split/cut this string in to 2 strings: Anystring.txt C:\test\ I tried it with String.split(), but it didn’t work, as I needed a split by a string with a in it. I tried it with String.split(„\ „), but it didn’t work, how could I do it with Java? A: Your use of String.split would work: String str = „C:\\test\\anystring.txt“; String[] parts = str.split(„\\\ „); The reason your use of String.split() did not work is that a backslash character can act as an escape character and a literal, so you need to double it up. This will go well with everyone. ———————- Forwarded by Kay Mann/Corp/Enron on 08/11/2000 03:05 PM ————————— Fred Mitro@ECT 08/11/2000 03:05 PM To: Kay Mann/Corp/

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„Blank!“ is a blank screen which never goes away. If you ever need a blank screen, just press Ctrl+F11, which will place a blank screen over everything else. The blank screen will stay on top of anything else you have running in your desktop, but it won’t affect anything else you have open. The Blank Screen works best if you want to: Hide a website that is running in Internet Explorer. Hide an autoplaying flash video Hide a window you dont want to be open. Disable videos Disable menus Hide all other windows on your desktop at once, and can be turned off afterwards. I hope this helps. A: Launch Blank and place it over a blank space on your desktop. When you’re done, press F11. Won’t the gamers suffer if the prices of video games keep going up? That’s exactly what some industry watchers have predicted would happen if game prices keep rising at their present pace. While PC games are still cheaper than console games, some analysts say the advantage could soon disappear. Just last month, U.S. state senator Tom Davis proposed a bill that would force game publishers to set prices on their digital games at a certain level below their print-based counterparts. It’s one of the most controversial bills introduced in the state this year. The latest price estimate from EEDAR says the PC market will earn $35 billion in the U.S. next year, representing about 36 percent of the industry’s total revenues. Nintendo Corp. is expected to capture 30 percent of the U.S. market, with 38 percent going to Sony Corp. One analyst predicts Sony and Microsoft Corp. will move their focus to console games to benefit from rising prices for PC software. The analyst says the PC will eventually be a niche market. E3 2014 Coverage From Our Partners CNET Magazine: The new CNET Morning Report brings you all the news you need to get your day started — whether you’re hungry for the latest tech news, anxious to catch up on the latest TV news, or interested in finding out the latest stories from leading networks and tech companies. Nerd enough to work here? | Apply Now | Email Eric Mack „The PC still remains a great platform for growth for these two companies,“ says Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities. „If you look at a company like Nintendo, they focus all their

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-Windows® 7 or Windows 8.1 -Mac® OSX 10.5 or later -A computer with 2GB RAM or more -A computer with at least 500MB free space -Windows® 98 or higher is required for the game’s installer (Mac® users can check the minimum requirements for the installer in the Help menu) -Windows® Vista or higher is required for the game’s installer (Mac® users can check the minimum requirements for the installer in the Help menu)