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AI Project Constructor provides you with an intuitive application designed to allow you to merge multiple App Inventor projects into one or more screens. In addition to this, AI Project Constructor can come in handy if you want to easily rename your project, reorder screens or experiment without affecting your original project.







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Create a new screen with the content of another screen from your current project. To do this, drag the source screen onto the target screen from the „Screen Source“ windows and drop it into a desired area of the target screen. When you add or change the screen source, the content of the target screen is updated with all of the changes you made to the source screen. This makes it extremely easy to create new screens with the content of your original screen. In addition to this, you can make a copy of the source screen and combine it with the target screen to form a new application. Let’s look at the screen source window. AI Project Constructor Full Crack Features: + Copy – Copy a screen from one project to another. + Swap – Allows you to swap the order of the screens. + Rename – Rename a screen. + Delete – Delete a screen. + Merge – Merge two screens into one. + Create – Create a new screen. + Design – The design view. + Layout – The layout view. + Canvas – Edit the canvas. + AI Elements – Toolbox and tools + Save and reload – Reopen your previous project and current project. These are the major features of AI Project Constructor. Follow this video to learn how to use AI Project Constructor in detail. AI Project Constructor Changelog: *Version 1.1.1 – Added pages on how to use and make the Create and Edit features. *Version 1.1.0 – Fixed the „Delete and Edit“ screen name. *Version 1.0.6 – When you copied a screen, the home screen was added by default. Now you don’t have to manually add the home screen if you want to copy a screen. *Version 1.0.5 – Added a page on how to use AI Project Constructor. *Version 1.0.4 – Performance has been greatly improved. – Connectivity has been greatly improved. – Documented. *Version 1.0.3 – Performance and connectivity have been greatly improved. AI Project Constructor Requirements: • Web Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome is recommended. • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8. Windows Server 2008 and Windows 10 are recommended. • AI Project Builder: AI Project Builder is a free application developed by Google to help developers

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A simple, straightforward application that allows you to achieve all of the following (and much more) with just one click: – Merge multiple AI projects into one or more screens – Rename a project/screen/component/package – Reorder screens – Drag and Drop screens (w/o draggable blocks) – Drag and Drop blocks – Sort/draggable blocks – Instant Replay – Export a project/screen/component – Localized Project Formats and many more! Some good examples: – You can rename and re-order your screens in seconds – Use AI Project Builder to create a form-based template/snippet – Instant replay allows you to see and record changes that you make without having to save – Browse and search other projects from the AI Project Builder – Import a template project – this is handy if you want to have template code to re-use in multiple screens – Extract a component or package from a screen – Export components – Export packages – Export any block in a screen – Export a component/package – Edit component/package lists – Generate RIA examples – Keep a track of your projects – See the evolution of a project – Export a project into HTML format – Version control projects – Sort and remove blocks in a project – Export/import a project from/to HTML format – Autocompile a project – Import XML – Generate mobile apps – Search other AI projects – Export projects as a ZIP file – Repackage a project – Generate Android apps – Import a project – Different layouts – Export a package (form of a screen) – Drag and drop a block to another project – Drag and drop blocks – Drag and drop blocks (into or outside a screen) – Apply a code template – Keep an eye on the code comments – Generate a package (form of a screen) – Generate an app for a component – Export a screen – Export a component – Un-merge a project – Export a screen – Export a package (form of a screen) – Export a package (form of a screen) – Export a package (form of a screen) – Export a package (form of a screen) – Import a project – Import a component – Import a package – Import a project – Import 02dac1b922

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AI Project Constructor is a simple app designed to merge multiple App Inventor projects into one. There is a navigation bar at the top of the screen for navigation and selecting the app we want to merge. You can then add the desired App Inventor projects into the frame, specify which type of merge you want to perform, then press the Merge button. A log of the status of your project will appear on the screen, showing what actions you performed. The top left corner of the screen will display the operations that have been performed and the name of the app we are merging. You can also get all of the operations you performed through the My Favorites menu. This is a simple app that we wanted to share with our community for those who need to merge App Inventor projects. Multiple Merges: One of the main problems faced by our users who want to merge multiple App Inventor projects into one, is that they can have a large number of projects to merge. For example, if you have several projects of a kind but of different types, it may become very tiring to split them to the different parts and upload each of them to the AI Project Constructor, since you have to run the app for each project and enter all the parameters manually. To solve this issue, we developed an automatic function in AI Project Constructor. The application will recognize the projects and save them into a global projects file. After that, you can just press the Merge button and all your projects are merged without specifying the parameters manually. Self-cleaning: You can also program AI Project Constructor to clear the Merged App Inventor projects automatically on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. We hope you will enjoy using AI Project Constructor. Important: The AI Project Constructor project supports Windows but it is also available on Android and iOs. AI Project Constructor Features: Multiple Merge Split the App Inventor projects into separate parts to upload and merge them into one. Create a project of your own to merge several App Inventor projects into one. Self-cleaning Clear the merged App Inventor projects automatically once a week, month or yearly. Navigation Bar Provides an intuitive navigation bar to help us navigate through all the App Inventor projects we want to merge. Load projects Enter the

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1. Create a NEW AI Project. 2. On the top menu, pick AI PROJECT CONSTRUCTOR. This creates a new project which contains all the previous projects into the Main screen. 3. Once the project is done, on the bottom menu, pick CONSTRUCT SCREENS, to add new screens into the already created project. 4. Add your new screens by dragging their images on the top menu. 5. Right-click on the screen and choose Rename, to change the name of the screen. 6. When you have already created the new screens, select AI SCREEN CONSTRUCTOR from the bottom menu to create the corresponding blocks in the new screens. 7. On the top menu, choose ADD SCREENS to add the previous created screens to your new project. 8. Drag&Drop the new screen on the top menu. 9. Right-click on the new screen and choose Rename, to rename the new screen. 10. When you have already created the new screens, select AI SCREEN CONSTRUCTOR from the bottom menu and insert its corresponding blocks into the new screens. AI PROJECT CONSTRUCTOR Key Features: ■ New Screen Feature 1. You have the option to create a new screen from a project or from the Main screen. 2. You can add new screens to the current project by clicking on the Add New Screen option. ■ Import Tab Feature You can import blocks from any App Inventor project, with a few clicks. ■ RENAME Feature You have the option to rename your project and/or your new screens. ■ Screen Order Feature You have the option to reorder your screens. ■ EXPERIMENT Feature You have the option to add a new screen with no blocks and experiment with its functions. ■ ADD SCREENS Feature You have the option to add your new screens into your current project. ■ AI SCREEN CONSTRUCTOR Feature You have the option to insert the blocks of your new screens into any existing screens. ■ AI PROJECT CONSTRUCTOR Key Inventor Developers: Thanks for downloading AI PROJECT CONSTRUCTOR: Chalil, Mohammed Kenana, Surnia Sinuah, Suhaila Roshdy, Oliver Sinad, Mohamed AI PROJECT CONSTRUCTOR Source Code:


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Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit (or the latest version of Windows) Processor: Intel Core i3-4000M Processor 2.5GHz or above, AMD Athlon II X4 860K Processor 2.6GHz or above Memory: 8GB RAM (32-bit) or 16GB RAM (64-bit) Storage: 100GB or more of available disk space (100GB recommended for best performance) Graphics: Any video card with at least 2GB of video RAM Sound