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When creating complex projects, you might find the professional use of Photoshop’s features more beneficial than its basic functions. If you are starting out to create large files, there are other programs that can be used to carry out similar tasks. Adobe Photoshop Elements offers a more budget-friendly option with just a few select features of professional Photoshop. Because Photoshop is basically a full-sized program, you must be careful to keep the size of your file within reasonable limits. For example, if you have an image that is 2,400 pixels by 4,000 pixels (ppi or pixels per inch), you can have up to 9,000 layers in your file. As a general rule, you should limit any single file to 1,200 pixels by 1,200 pixels in size, for an average of 300 pixels per inch (ppi). But remember, the final image can be pretty big, so this value is just an average maximum. Photoshop Images are stored in layers. These layers contain the image and other elements, including color information, masking, and other artwork. These layers are organized according to your image, as shown in Figure 4-8. **Figure 4-8:** Photoshop files are organized into layers. You can edit and enhance your image with multiple layers; each layer has special functions that are described in this section. After a few basic layers are applied to your image, you can layer more art on top of the colors. To change an existing layer’s properties, including its transparency settings, use the Layers panel. To access the Layers panel, click the Layers panel button (shown in the margin) in the tools panel. Figure 4-9 shows the Layers panel for an image with three separate layers. **Figure 4-9:** Use the Layers panel to access layers. Photoshop’s layer interface You access the Layers panel to create and organize layers. When you use a single layer, you can apply special effects directly to it. But the Layers panel allows you to stack layers together in order to edit the image. The Layers panel provides the basic Photoshop user interface for managing layers. You can edit the layers‘ visibility settings and you can move, rotate, and resize them as well. Each layer is also given a specific name, and you can use the Layer dialog box, the Layer menu, or the Properties panel to change layer names. Creative types sometimes refer

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Designers make logos, icons, animated GIFs, and web banners, among other things. Most designers used software like Photoshop to create those images. However, Photoshop has gotten so big, expensive and complex that most designers choose to use software that is free, easy to use, and doesn’t have too many features (Mac software like Sketch). Photographers edit photos, create print-ready images and slide shows. They use the all-in-one Photoshop for this. They can also use Photoshop to paint, make web art and vector illustrations. If you’re just starting to learn Photoshop, these are the best photo editing software, among other things, to master: Canva Photo editing software that is free, fun and simple to use. It is ideal for graphic designers, web designers, bloggers and online marketers. It is easy to use and no expertise is required. Canva can create posters, postcards, flyers, signs, banners, illustrations, web graphics and more. It is easy to use and your output is gorgeous. Here’s an introduction for new Canva users: It’s easy to start designing with Canva today. Sign up for a free trial today. Canva Pros Canva is a powerful and complete digital design tool. It allows you to use web design tools and designs with the simple canvas you’ve always known. It is quick and easy to design your first edit, and much easier to share your designs directly to the web. Canva is free. Canva is suitable for beginners and professionals. Canva Pros What is Canva Canva is a free design tool that helps you easily create graphics for your website. It has many useful tools. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to have any design experience. It is easy to make a graphics template for your website or newsletter. Canva is a free download. Canva Pros InDesign Photoshop for Mac Designer for Mac The American Newspaper Association describes InDesign as an „industry-standard desktop publishing and web authoring application.“ If you need to make a magazine, brochure, or print advertisement, you should use InDesign. It is the best application for professional publications. Be sure to check out our guide to InDesign if you need to learn Adobe InDesign. What is InDesign? InDesign is 05a79cecff

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