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Related Article: How to Use Photoshop – A Beginner’s Guide Adobe Photoshop basics Photoshop has a rich set of tools for altering images. These tools act independently, but often Photoshop tools work together in a helpful combination. For instance, you can use the Adjustment tool to sharpen an image, and then use the HSL (Hue-Saturation-Luminance) tool to adjust the brightness of just one area in the image. Both of these tools are available in the Photoshop toolbox, but many Photoshop users only know the name of these tools. The following sections will cover the basics you need to know to get started. While Photoshop users often manipulate photographs, Photoshop is also used for vector-based graphics. The same tools are available for these types of images, and each type of image will be discussed in separate articles. Previewing images Photoshop includes a built-in image viewer that enables you to preview your images. The Preview button is found near the top-left corner of the screen and is a light-gray button with a yellow triangle inside it. When you click on the Preview button, your image appears in the program’s main window. However, you have the ability to see multiple versions of the image by holding the Shift key and pressing the number keys while you click on the Preview button. This enables you to compare multiple versions of your image. For instance, you might want to see what your image looks like at different resolutions. Open an image Before you begin any work in Photoshop, you must open an image from your system. Once your image is open, it’s ready to use. Open an image using the Photoshop File menu. You can open your images from your hard drive or a folder, or even an external disk. Windows users have their share of headaches when it comes to opening an image, so here’s a beginner’s guide to opening an image for Windows users. 1. Select an image file. 2. Click on the Photoshop File menu. 3. Select Open from the file menu. (You can also open an image using the Open dialog box. This is explained in Step 2 of the next article.) 4. Navigate to your image file. If you’ve stored your images on a hard drive, you can select the image from the \Images\MyImage directory. 5. Select a format. You

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Photoshop Elements contains the following additional and more advanced features: Advanced lens correction Artistic tools Collage Color selection and transformations Color tools Custom brushes Embossing Fill-in-the-blank Filter Effects Grain Grain filters Let’s take a look at the features of Photoshop Elements. Adobe Photoshop Elements Features The features of Photoshop Elements can be categorised into the following 8 main categories. Effects Paint Brush Draw Crop & Zoom Fill & Filter Adjustment Layers Document Merging Paint and Draw Effects Effects in Photoshop Elements are called filters, the most popular of which is called “blur”. The blur filter gives the image a creamy look that is commonly used in fine arts. There are many kinds of blur filters: Soft blur Hard blur Ripple blur Grain blur Reflected blur Motion blur Radial blur Slate blur Scratchy blur Vintage blur The best blur filter depends on the look and texture of the image. Paintbrush You can apply the paintbrush to any layer of the image or to a newly created layer. Draw Photoshop Elements is a vector editing program. The image can be modified as many times as necessary. All images can be drawn and exported as PNG or SVG files in SVG format. Photoshop Elements includes more than 150 free illustrations, textures and brushes. You can use the tools to create your own brush. Crop and Zoom You can crop to get a specific part of the image. Once you have cropped, you can zoom in to see details. When you zoom in to a specific area, you get a bigger version of the image in the same layer. The crop tool is located in the tool box on the bottom left side of the screen. The crop tool is made up of a rectangle and handles. The rectangle’s base is 50 pixels, the handles’ width and height are 150 pixels. Fill and Filter Photoshop Elements is a good graphics editor for creating a better-looking image. You can apply filters directly to the image. Photoshop Elements has 17 simple filters, 05a79cecff

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Oliver Wendell Holmes Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (May 19, 1841 – May 13, 1894), was a United States Army Brigadier General who served as a chief surgeon of the United States Army Medical Corps and its Chief Surgeon during the Spanish–American War. Biography Early years He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the only son of Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. and Annah (née Clark) Holmes. His parents, who had been friends since childhood, married in 1830, and after their son’s birth, they moved to the Boston area. They then lived for a time in Augusta, Maine. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1860, after which he studied at the Boston Dental School for three years. He traveled for a time on the staff of a ship’s surgeon. From 1862 to 1863 he studied medicine in Dresden and Berlin and then he returned to Boston. He graduated in medicine in 1864. Civil War Following the outbreak of the Civil War in early 1861, Oliver Holmes enlisted as a volunteer assistant surgeon in the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. In the summer of 1861, he was commissioned as an assistant surgeon in the 2nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. The regiment was mustered out of service on August 31, 1861, and he was promoted to lieutenant colonel of the regiment. He was left on the Peninsula with a battery when the unit was transferred to the Western Theater. Holmes was wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines, and he was promoted to colonel of the 3rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry on October 4, 1864. On November 20, 1865, he returned to the United States and resigned from the Army. Post-War He practiced medicine in Boston until 1869 when he accepted a position as an assistant to a British Royal Commission investigating the treatment of British seamen. He was sent to Canada in 1870 as the medical director of a steamship company, the Aquitania Steam Navigation Company. In 1874, he married Alice Horton Adams, an actress of the Boston Theatrical Company. In November 1879, he was appointed as Chief Surgeon of the newly-formed United States Army Medical Corps (U.S.AMC). He held this post until 1882 when he was assigned to the Philadelphia College of Physicians and Surgeons, where he taught anatomy and clinical surgery. Holmes was elected a Fellow of the

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*Brush | [Beginner]( *How To Create [A Solid Fill Using Photoshop’s Gradients]( ## Contour – *Contour line* – *Solid fill* ## Highlighter – *Highlight* – *Shadow* – *Tone Mapping* ## Scatter – *Scatter* – *Push/Pull* ## 3D – *3D mesh tools* – *3D objects* – *3D text*

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Supported: OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core CPU 2.6 GHz Dual Core CPU Memory: 1 GB RAM 1 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 310 / AMD Radeon HD 6770 NVIDIA GeForce 310 / AMD Radeon HD 6770 Hard Drive: At least 10 GB available space At least 10 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card DirectX compatible sound card DirectX: Version 11 Version 11 System: Processor: 2.5 GHz dual