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Frequently Asked Questions Are there any other image editing programs or hybrid programs that are similar to Photoshop? Photoshop is not meant to be a competitor to other similar programs. It is a powerful program, and uses layers and transparency for editing. It enables creation of 3D objects as well, and therefore is able to be used for a wider range of things than most other programs that are available. Are the plugins for Photoshop different from those for other programs? Some plugins are included with Photoshop, while others must be purchased separately and are managed with the desktop software. Other plugins are modules for use in 3rd party applications like After Effects. Why does my layer palette appear completely blank? If the size of the image you are trying to work with is too large, or there are too many layers in it, the empty menu will open. If that happens, just drag the image out of the way to see the menu. Why is my image’s layer palettes frozen? The image may have many layers stacked and overlapping, and trying to use the layer palettes would just result in errors. Try a smaller image and see if that helps. Why does my image disappear or distort when I move a layer? If an image has a large number of layers stacked on top of each other, and the layers cover over a little section of the original, then that will cause distortion as you move a layer. Simply drag the image out of the way so that you can use the layer palettes. How do I get rid of the borders around my layers? Go to the Photoshop Layers menu, and under the Border tab, disable the „Preview when switching layers“ or „Preview when merging layers“ options, if they are on. For the „Preview when switching layers“ option, you will have to disable it manually. How do I add a gradient on the black back of a photo? Set the transparency of the layer you want to apply the gradient to to 100% on the Layers menu. Using the gradient tool (T) on the toolbar, pick a dark start point and a bright end point. How do I get the „regular“ Photoshop palette with just the usual tools? You need to place the palette in a location that’s easily seen. From the Layers menu, go to Window, and then choose Colors (it’s also under the Color menu). Place it on top of the image, or place it where you can see it easily.

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In this article, I will describe different tips and tricks to create and edit images in Photoshop. When we talk about editing photos, we are primarily talking about editing RAW or TIF images. This article is to make you an expert in working on RAW images in Photoshop. The faster you become, the better you will be with Photoshop. So start learning how to edit images the right way right now! Before we start working on images, we must know what our goal is. You can edit images that don’t have any purpose, but if you are making photos for your business or your clients, you need to make the most of the tools. The main objective here is to make images that are attention-grabbing, some times you might have to do a little editing to be able to do this. Edit Images Better with Basic Photoshop Skills Start By Sharpening Images You can sharpen every image you save in Photoshop. But sharpening is better done after you have edited your image. So the first step before we edit an image should be sharpening. How to sharpening an image? Open the image that you want to sharpen. Start with Basic. Image > Adjustments > Sharpen Do the following steps Select soft shadow and multiply: Select soft shadow. Align the exact same type of shadow. Click the soft shadow layer and select multiply You will see the effect start to work. Add a Basic Blur After adding the Sharpen, next step would be to add a blurring effect to the image. How to add blurring? Open the image that you want to blur. Click the Layers icon (Window Menu icon). Select blurred layer. Add a Gaussian Blur Add a Gaussian Blur to the layer using the Gaussian Blur tool. Change the layer blending option to soft light You can edit the amount of blur the image has by adjusting the angle of the curve. Using different angles of the curve, you can add different amount of blur to the image. For this, use the free-form tool. Fill the layer with black color Blurred layer can be filled with black color using Layer>New Fill (Shift + Ctrl+N). If you move the mouse cursor away from the layer, the 05a79cecff

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Requires a video card with at least 512MB of VRAM Minimum System Specifications: Requires an AMD (Radeon) or Nvidia (Quadro) video card Minimum PC Hardware Specifications: Requires a CPU of at least 2GHz Minimum Video Hardware Specifications: Nvidia (Quadro) is the recommended GPU. Windows XP or later Mac OS 10.7 or later Linux 2.6 or later Memory: Windows: 512 MB Mac OS: 2 GB