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steinberg cubase keygenQ: How can I download websites and save them in a zip or tar.gz using bash script on Linux? I have a lot of websites I want to download and save as.zip or.tar.gz file. I am using Linux, bash scripting. Can someone help me with the script? A: wget has pretty extensive options which should be helpful for your task. For example: wget –no-verbose –no-host-directories –accept=image/* –recursive „“ will fetch example.com recursively as a single image/tar.gz file. The -c, -C and –continue options can be used to continue the process even if you get interrupted. A: Just google for something like: „linux tar command download“ „linux tar command github“ „linux tar command download gist“ etc. to find examples that use wget or curl. You’ll find the commands pretty straightforward, especially if you google for some of the builtin man pages. A: A simple bash script for download a website and write in a archive is : for url in $1 do wget –no-proxy –load-cookies –save-cookies „$url“ -O wget.out && tar zcvf „$url“ –directory-prefix=2 -C 2 –exclude=“.svn“ –exclude=“.git“ –exclude=“.gitignore“ –exclude=“.DS_Store“ –exclude=“docs/“ && rm wget.out done Note: if you are using shell parameter expansion, you can use $1 in $url. Smile and Get Arrested! Trouble caught up with this Ohio man who, um, smiled too much. The cops in LaRue County pulled him over just south of Canton on Thursday afternoon after an officer noticed „some contact between his mouth and the steering wheel.“ Ah, there’s that smile again. Well, yeah, arrest him, officer. The officer observed the driver, Robert McClain

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