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Send-Safe is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool that provides you with the possibilities to send bulk emails from your computer or a remote station. Send Safe allows you to send up to 10,000 emails a day through your ISPs account with „Send As“ headers and you do not need to be connected to the Internet at the time of sending. Emailing can be automated, and you do not need to log in to your ISP or to provide your credit card number, so you can avoid all the trouble of logging into your ISP’s website. In addition, you can use all email addresses for sending your bulk emails without having to use your sender ID or your full name, which are required to be verified. The following features are bundled in the Send Safe package and provide you with the ability to send bulk emails without the need to use additional software or web-services. (It’s very likely, that each feature has been previously discussed in the Internet for more than two years – yet Send Safe is the first of it’s kind.) Supports „Send As“ headers for email sending Individual account feature Mail templates Personalize emails with various predefined templates. Email customization The number of email recipients, subject lines, etc. As above As below Blacklist IPs The list of IPs blocked by your IP filtering. Hidden emails recipients The list of recipients that will never be shown in the messages. Dynamic IP address Dynamic IP address – the IP address changes every several minutes. Usable software List emails sent. Blacklist IPs Map IPs The list of IP addresses blocked by your IP filtering. Advanced message generation Message format customization; Messages can have their own background image Text file support for messages body; Message body can be edited in a text editor or a rich text editor. HTML support HTML is supported for emails‘ body content. HTML code from external sites can be placed inside messages. Multiple templates Personalize messages with different messages. Mail templates HTML code from external sites can be placed inside messages. Message format customization; Messages can have their own background image; Special tags Random tag generator; Random „special tag“ generation with various support options, e.g. percent, weight, color . Anchor tag generation Generate anchors; When emailing, you can generate HTML anchors with any text inside them. They can be

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Send-Safe Mailer is a powerful piece of software that provides you with the possibility to send bulk emails from your computer or a remote station with or without the need to use proxies. Here are some key features of „Send Safe Standalone“: ■ Anonymous mailing using your own proxies or direct CAN-SPAM compliant opt-in mailing; ■ High speed (over 1,000,000 emails/hour reported); ■ Message personalization; ■ Header and body customization and randomization with rich set of „special tags“ and user-defined „macros“; ■ Message source code editing for experts; ■ Simultaneous processing of several campaigns ■ Messages and settings (excluding only „# of threads“) can be changed on the fly without having to pause mailing and will take effect immediately; ■ Support for dynamic IP changing every few minutes; ■ Support for proxy chains for ultra-safe anonymous mailing; ■ Proxy/IP blacklisting rules; ■ Highly detailed log that will help you to troubleshoot delivery/speed problems; ■ Proxylock feature; ■ Image morphing; ■ Built-in SpamAssassin test; ■ Message preview mode. Limitations: ■ The unregistered version allows you to send 100 emails ■ Some features are disabled ■ Nag screen Remove-Usermanager By Installer: A powerful and easy to use features-rich website and email removal utility. NO ads, NO download: NO problems, NO instructions. Highly secure utilities that only run on Windows 10 or higher. The website is updated frequently and maintained to be as easy to use and safe as possible. Website URL: Instructions: Click on „Overview“ on the page. Some features only available to owners: Tools: > Easy to use console (Runs without any windows or menus) > Enter Program Name by typing in the box under: „Select Program“ > Export the uninstaller to remove these programs: > Remove Run > Remove wsadmin „Select Program“ is for: 1. INSTALLATION: Selects the program you are trying to install 2. ADVANCED: Selects the a69d392a70

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Send Safe Standalone provides an easy to use interface and a powerful set of tools and features, at the same time dealing with very specific issues like reaching end users‘ Internet connections, while respecting the laws governing electronic message advertisements. Basically Send Safe Standalone works by sending a message from your computer. You can send it „directly“, bypassing the Internet by connecting through a LAN port on your computer. If you have a special needs like special legal requirements for electronic messages advertising, for example, the CAN-SPAM act, this option is a safe and convenient way to take advantage of the services of professional spam administrators. You will get your emails bulk delivered, for example, as they are sent by some of our customers, for a very low price. Send Safe Standalone Description: The CAN-SPAM act requires each commercial business to maintain a public list of all the email addresses it has ever used to send bulk email. In order to fulfill the requirements of the act we distribute a list of 15,000,000+ email addresses used for sending advertising messages on behalf of our customers. You can download the list and use it to confirm that your messages will be delivered to the end users. Send Safe Standalone Description: If you’re a professional spam mailer who needs a way to receive a copy of your spam messages before they are sent, you’ll probably also need to be able to respond to the end users on behalf of your clients. Please note that we have never sold or rented our list, so the list is not sold to any other companies. As the list is publicly available, we’re free to add more names to it at any time. Send Safe Standalone Description: The ultimate security is assured by using Send Safe Standalone, as messages are sent from a proxy server which is remotely controlled by us. Being a verified ISP, we’re bound to the law to send most mail messages only to the actual Internet mail servers. Send Safe Standalone Description: Send Safe Standalone allows you to conduct „blind“ mailings: it takes care of all the technical issues, leaving you to focus on your clients‘ needs and how to best serve them. We have added a feature to Send Safe Standalone in which the ISP’s email address is never used. Instead the email recipient is asked to confirm his/her email address, and a unique „real-time“ email address is generated for him/her and added to the list of emails that the ISP is authorized to

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Send-Safe Mailer is a fast, powerful and safe mailer that lets you send bulk emails without the need to use proxies. Apart from anonymous/opt-in messages, you can also customize your mailers to fit your needs. Send-Safe Mailer works by acting like a proxy, sending the messages from your computer to the remote servers. Since it uses a dynamic IP address, your „real“ IP address is never sent to the server, keeping your identity secret. Sending a message to the server involves two pairs of IPs, firstly you send your message, then a second pair of IPs receives a reply back to your computer. After you enter the „confirmation code“ that is generated by the server at the last stage of your message, a new dynamic IP address is obtained and the process is repeated once again, sending your email to the new pair of IPs. If the email is not delivered, Send-Safe Mailer will automatically try again, retrying up to a maximum of 10 times. After this, your message will be counted as undeliverable. To offer the best quality and performance, Send-Safe Mailer does not use any hardware acceleration. You can still run other applications/games while Send-Safe Mailer is running, but the email messages will have a slight delay. Send-Safe Mailer Features: 1) Completely anonymous 2) Very fast; 3) 100 emails per hour or less; 4) Works with spam filters; 5) Advanced configuration features and all options can be changed during the message sending; 6) Authentication with email verification codes; 7) Email personalization; 8) Header and body customization and randomization with rich set of „special tags“ and user-defined „macros“; 9) Message source code editing for experts; 10) Simultaneous processing of several campaigns; 11) Message and settings (excluding only „# of threads“) can be changed on the fly without having to pause mailing and will take effect immediately; 12) Supports dynamic IP changing every few minutes; 13) Built-in SpamAssassin test; 14) Proxy/IP blacklisting rules; 15) Highly detailed log; 16) Proxylock feature; 17) Image morphing; 18) Message preview mode. General Usage Notes: 1) You can use Send-Safe Mailer without the need of using proxies; 2) Except the Anonymous

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