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BLUESOLEIL 8.0.355 IVT BlueSoleil 803560 Serial Keyrar.Q: iTunes File Sharing – How does it work? I’d like to know how iTunes File Sharing works. When one of the sharers (My Mac or PC) is using itunes, is the sharer able to see which files the other one is sharing? or does the sharer not know which files are being shared? A: The mac user can see what files are shared with them using the accounts preference pane. The other end of the file sharing cannot see what files the other person has shared. Both ends can see which sharers have which files. To share anything else, you’ll need to use an FTP server, SMB/CIFS, or another method of transferring files directly from mac user to mac user. Depending on what mac user you are asking, you may need to have a file sharing account on both ends of the process. For example, if you have two macs, A and B. A has an account on iCloud and B has another file sharing account. A will have no way to see what files are shared with B. A: Contrary to some answers here, it does go both ways. Here’s how: A) Macintosh Computer Boot into Recovery Mode Launch Terminal In the Terminal Type: $ ipconfig This will show you what IP you are currently on, and the subnet it resides on In the Terminal Type: $ whois -h whois.apple.com This will show you what DNS it is using to access the internet IP Address: Subnet: This is the IP address that can be found in the ‚itunes file sharing‘ menu in the mac’s menubar If you can see this share point from your machine, you are sharing. B) iPhone/iPad/iTunes Touch Start the share menu up Select the share you want to see your Mac Computer You should see the Mac Computer’s IP address that you can access in the itunes file sharing menu The last step may be unnecessary, but I think it looks better if you do. Last night, the Thunder beat

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