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Choose the output file format (.EXE,.DLL,.CPL,.SYS,.SCR,.CON,.SCR or.SYS): End of File. . A: @Stephie is right. The correct way would be $output = exe::output([‚application/x-php‘], [ ‚-f‘ => dirname(__FILE__). ‚/config.ini‘, ‚-c‘ => dirname(__FILE__). ‚/config.ini‘, ‚-i‘ => dirname(__FILE__). ‚/config.ini‘, ‚-b‘ => dirname(__FILE__). ‚/applications/‘ ]); Q: SpriteKit: Let SKNodes act like SKSpriteNodes on iOS7? On iOS7, Apple just released the new SpriteKit. I use SKNodes to make a lot of nice stuff in my game. This works great on iOS6 and it’s still working on iOS7 with the old SpriteKit (before the new one). However, on iOS7, the SKNodes don’t work anymore. They don’t recognize the SKNode’s update(deltaTime) function, and so I don’t have any nice animations. I tried to use the old SpriteKit libs and I can see the SKNodes are still there, but my game doesn’t work anymore. I even tried to create a project with the old SpriteKit, just to see how it works, and I can’t use the old SKScene anymore. All the classic cocoaTouch stuff is deprecated on iOS7. Any ideas on how I could still create these nice SKNodes on iOS7? Thanks a lot. A: You shouldn’t mix SKSpriteNode and SKNode. Use SKSpriteNode’s and/or SKScene’s and/or

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