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· 2019.03.26 15:00. CONNECT WITH OTHER MEMBERS -> FREE!.. Cradlee – Free Android App 2013.5 Как скачать игру – Андроид.rar · 3:32.Q: Adding a background image to a UIButton in Swift I am trying to add a background image to a UIButton in Swift. I have tried adding this method: @IBAction func showAnotherButton(_ sender: Any) { let image = UIImage(named: „backButton.png“) let frame = CGRect(x: 10, y: 10, width: 60, height: 60) let yourButton = UIButton(frame: frame) yourButton.addSubview(image) self.view.addSubview(yourButton) } But the program just shows the button with no background. However, the button is there and when you click on it, the button does switch to the picture. Also, the way I implemented the button worked on iOS 7, but not iOS 8. I know the code is correct because when I have done it this way on iOS 7, it works just fine. A: Use this method to add UIImageView to button: @IBAction func showAnotherButton(_ sender: Any) { let imageView = UIImageView(frame: CGRect(x: 10, y: 10, width: 60, height: 60)) imageView.image = UIImage(named: „backButton.png“) imageView.contentMode =.scaleAspectFill let yourButton = UIButton(frame: CGRect(x: 10, y: 10, width: 60, height: 60)) yourButton.addSubview(imageView) self.view.addSubview(yourButton) } Ask HN: Appointment scheduling software for 2 people – jansho Hi,We are trying to find a good appointment scheduling software for our online venture. We would like to try Zoho but its a bit costly. We had looked into f30f4ceada